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Wazuzu Menu - Updated 5/15/2012
Menu and pricing subject to change

Wazuzu at Encore offers Pan-Asian flavors inspired by Chinese, Japanese,
Indian, Singaporean and Thai cuisine.

Wazuzu’s drunken noodles were featured on Food Network’s "Best Thing I Ever Ate" but everything on the menu is worth a try.

Accenting Wazuzu's bold decor is a 27-foot crystal dragon that hangs in the dining room.

Signature Sushi Menu

Hamachi Chili 25
Yellowtail sashimi with cilantro, serrano pepper
and yuzu caviar, served with citrus soy
and yuzu mist

Chef Matsu’s Special 28
Seared bigeye tuna tataki topped with micro
mixed salad, chili ginger sauce and
green scallion oil

Northwest Roll 30
Spicy tuna roll, topped with salmon sashimi
and wasabi tobiko caviar

Rainbow Roll* 30
Snow crab, avocado and cucumber inside
out roll, topped with chef’s choice sashimi

Crunch Roll* 21
Panko crusted shrimp, masago aïoli,
cucumber and avocado, topped with
Japanese rice crackers

Wazuzu Roll 30
Snow crab, avocado and cucumber inside
out roll, topped with eel fi let and dressed
with sweet eel sauce

Red Dragon Roll* 30
Spicy tuna, panko shrimp, avocado, and
cucumber inside out roll, topped with
tuna sashimi, Japanese rice crackers and
dressed with sweet chili sauce

Chef’s Special Sushi Platter* 60

Brown Rice Sushi Platter* 65

Chef’s Special Sashimi Platter* 80

High “Roll”er* 100
Toro, Maine lobster, caviar, crème fraîche,
served with lobster miso soup

Kobe Beef Tiradito* 45
Kobe beef, scallion and Sriracha dot, served
with citrus soy and sesame oil drizzle

Substitute Brown Rice in any Sushi Special Roll 1

Traditional Sushi
Sushi (2 pc.) / Sashimi (3 pc.)

Smoked Salmon 9 / 13
Flying Fish Roe* 9 / 14
Freshwater Eel 10 / 17
Kona Kampachi 9 / 14
Mackerel 7 / 11
Giant Clam* 11 / 16
Snow Crab 12 / 18
Octopus 8 / 12
Salmon 10 / 15
Salmon Roe * 13 / 18
Scallop * 8 / 12
Sea Urchin * 13 / 18
Shrimp Ebi 9 / 14
Snapper * 9 / 14
Sweet Shrimp*13 / 18
Sweet Egg Omelet 7 / 10
Tuna Belly* 28 / 42
Tuna* 12 / 18
Yellowtail* 12 / 19

Cut Hand / Roll Roll

LA California Roll 12 / 8
Spider (Softshell Crab)* 15 / -
Eel Avocado 12 / 8
Lobster* 25 / -
Philadelphia 11 / 7
Salmon Avocado* 12 / 8
Salmon Skin Roll* 11 / 7
Spicy Tuna* 13 / 8
Toro Scallion* 16 / 11
Tuna* 11/ 7
Yellowtail Scallion* 12 / 7
Substitute Brown Rice in any sushi or roll 1

Dim Sum

Shu Mai* 9
Pork and shrimp dumplings

Har Gow* 9
Steamed prawn dumplings

Cha Siu Bao* 8
Steamed barbecued pork buns

Pork Pot Stickers* 9

Jade Dumpling 9
Spinach, shiitake mushrooms

Palm Pocket 9
Hearts of palm, corn, ginger, garlic

White Lotus 9
Pea shoot, shiitake, water chestnuts

Rice and Noodles

Wazuzu Pineapple Fried Rice* 23
Thai Jasmine rice, roast duck, Chinese sausage, shrimp, pineapple

Cantonese-Style Fried Rice*
Barbecued pork, shrimp or chicken 16
Combination 23

Nasi Goreng* 23
Spicy Malaysian fried rice, shrimp, barbecued
pork, Chinese sausage, sambal oelek,
fried shallots, topped with a fried egg

Drunken Noodles*
Fresh rice noodles, Thai basil, sweet soy sauce,
chillies, onions
Shrimp 2424
Beef or Chicken 2121

Pad Thai Kon Kaen* 23
Rice stick noodles, tamarind, shrimp, eggs,
bean sprouts, peanuts

Cantonese Chicken Lo Mein* 21
Egg noodles, chicken, vegetables

Beef Chow Fun* 23
Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, onions

Egg Noodle Soup*
Chinese Barbecued Pork or Wonton 1717
Roast Duck 1919
Combination 2121

Wazuzu Specialties

Korean Galbi Short Ribs* 25
Soy, sesame, brown sugar-marinated beef
short ribs

Cantonese Assorted Barbecue Plate* 26
Roast duck, barbecued pork, red spareribs

Cantonese Sea Bass* 35
Ginger scallion, steamed or crispy panko coated

Panang Curry*
Thai coconut curry, Thai basil, seasonal vegetables
Roast Duck 24
Shrimp 22
Beef 18
Chicken 16

Baked Sweet Miso-Marinated Black Cod* 34
Pickled vegetables, sweet miso glaze

Live Lobster* 88
Ginger, scallions, garlic crusted or
Singapore curry

Thai Spicy Basil Stir-fry*
Thai sweet basil, onions, bell peppers, white pepper
Shrimp 24
Beef 17
Chicken 17

Crispy Orange Beef* 18
Crispy fl ank steak, orange zest glaze

Wok Tossed Mongolian Beef* 21
Tangy, spicy Mongolian-glazed fi let of beef, bell
peppers, Chinese broccoli, scallions

Sweet & Sour Chicken* 19
Crispy chicken breast, pineapple, bell peppers,
housemade sauce

Salt & Pepper Prawns* 25
Sichuan salt and pepper shelled prawns with
a hint of spice


Chef de Cuisine—Scott Okazaki

Wazuzu at Encore. Call 702.770.3463 for reservations.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellstock or eggs, may increase your risk of food borne illness.