Tumbador Chocolates 34 34th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn • 718-788-0200

Tumbador Pastry Chef Jean-François Bonnet

Living above a bakery-pâtisserie in the town of Frejus, France the young Jean-François Bonnet was entranced by the aroma of baking breads and pastries. This early exposure evolved into a lifelong passion.

He began formal training under Michelin two-star chef Philippe Da Silva at the Hostellerie des Gorges de Pennafort, then held positions in several renowned kitchens, including Hotel Le San Pedro (Saint Raphaël), La Villa Saint Elme (Sainte Maxime), and Jacques Chibois' La Bastide Saint-Antoine (Grasse).

In 2000, he relocated to New York to work as pastry chef at Monkey Bar at the Elysée Hotel. Since then, he worked as pastry chef at Cello and the Ritz-Carlton's Atelier, before accepting the executive pastry chef position at Daniel in October 2003. Last winter, Bonnet left Daniel to open his own chocolate business, Tumbador Chocolates, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Tools you can't live without :
Bread knife                                                                Citrus grater
Small off set spatula                                                  Bowl scraper
Set of round and square cutter
A ruler and a wheel cutter
Sugar thermometer
Paring knife
Homemade template! (Such as the lid of a bucket, for example!)

Favorite ingredients :

Almonds, Caramel, Sugars in general (in the raw, brown, maple ...), Dark chocolate (rarely use milk or white), Summer: wild blueberries and strawberries, raspberries, Winter: quince, apples, and chestnut, Sweet spices.  

Three tips for dessert success:

1. Try to surprise people by making everyday things taste different.

2. The French have a saying: "Garder les pieds sur terre!" It means, "keep your feet on the ground." In other words, don't stray too far from the characteristics of the ingredients you use. Enhance them, don't mask them.

3. Create menu items that you'll be able to eat and see all the time, otherwise change them.

Favorite desserts:
Dark chocolate, in any form, is my all time favorite. Fresh ripe strawberries, with lime and crème fraîche. Any kind of cooked fruit tart.