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Weekend Brunch


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Fish House:
Every Day
11 a.m. till close

Sunday Brunch
11 a.m. – 2 PM

The Fish House House - Pensacola - Menu posted 2/28/2010
Menu items and prices are subject to change


Volcano Roll 10
Ginger shrimp with asparagus and
green onions topped with crabstick and
spicy mayo with masago

Jinja Roll 10
Soy-wrapped ginger shrimp, raw tuna,
cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese
topped with eel sauce and spicy sauce

Dynamite Roll 9
Raw tuna, cucumber, spicy crabstick salad,
masago, Sriracha

Rim Tuna 11
Spiced and seared rare, sliced thin,
and served with eel sauce
and Rim Sauce

Edamame 4
Cooked young soybeans
(Any 3 pieces) 7 .5

Red Dragon 10
Soft-shell crab and scallions topped with
raw tuna and eel sauce

Tiger Roll 9
Ginger-fried shrimp, green onions topped
with eel and eel sauce with spicy mayo

Cowboy Roll 9
Beef tenderloin with green onions and
red peppers

Hiromi Futomaki 12
Crunchy shrimp, tuna, crabstick, wakame,
cream cheese, avocado, cucumber,
asparagus, green onion . Topped with tobiko

Rainbow Roll 10
Steamed shrimp topped with tuna,
hamachi, and fresh salmon

Bulgarian Roll 11
Smoked beef tenderloin, shrimp, green onions,
and Gorgonzola rolled in a soy sheet, topped
with raw tuna, Rim Sauce, and eel sauce .
Finished with wasabi tobiko

Florida Roll 8
Steamed shrimp, green onion, and
roasted red pepper

Philly Roll 9
Smoked salmon and cream cheese

Tuna Roll 9 .5
Tuna, cucumber, asparagus, and spicy sauce

Spicy Eel Roll 8
Eel, red bell pepper, asparagus, spicy sauce,
and eel sauce

Dragon Roll 10
Cashew-crusted soft-shell crab and scallions
topped with eel and eel sauce

California Roll 7 .5
Cucumber, avocado, and crabstick

Alaskan Roll 8
Smoked salmon and crabstick

Caterpillar Roll 8
Eel, cream cheese, and asparagus,
topped with avocado and masago

Crunchy Shrimp 9
Ginger-crusted shrimp, asparagus,
and scallions

Sashimi 9
Tuna, salmon, and hamachi (2 pieces each)

Soy wrappers available for any roll 1 .5

Tuna — Salmon — Eel
Hamachi — Steamed Shrimp — Octopus

Dinner Menu


Seafood Pizza 13
Grilled flatbread with Alfredo sauce, bay scallops, shrimp,
fi re-roasted peppers and corn, fresh spinach, and mozzarella cheese

Pizza Margherita 9.5
Grilled fl atbread with basil pesto,
marinated oven-roasted tomatoes, and fresh basil

Claws in Garlic 12
Sautéed in white wine, butter, and garlic;
served with fresh French dipping bread

Soul rolls 9.25
Chicken and collard greens fi ll crisp
spring roll wrappers—laced with
peach chutney, wasabi crème, and
brown sugar-pecan Creole mustard

Asian Calamari 8.75
Crisp-fried calamari tossed with
Asian spices, sesame seeds, and cilantro.
Served with a sweet Thai chili sauce

Crab Cake Meuniere 13
Jumbo lump crab cake with bourbon
Creole mustard, pecan meunière sauce,
and sweet potato hay

Pan-Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops 12
Resting in a tomato-crab veloute
topped with a West Indies crab salad

Cracker-Crusted Crab Claws 11
Blue crab claws dredged in
cracker crumbs and fried to a lovely
golden brown


Gumbo Cup 4 / Bowl 7
Our own rich seafood gumbo
made in the New Orleans style—
chock full of fresh fi sh,
shrimp, and crab

Soup of the day Cup 4 / Bowl 7
The chef’s selections,
prepared fresh daily. Always
delicious. Ask your server.


Strawberry Salad 11
Mixed greens tossed in strawberry vinaigrette with grape tomatoes, shaved onions, cucumbers, blueberries, feta cheese, and toasted almonds

MoMa Salad 11.5
Crisp bacon and caramelized pears on fresh spring greens tossed with a
roasted-walnut, spinach, Gorgonzola and herb vinaigrette

Imperial Caesar 8.75
Crisp romaine and the best Caesar dressing around. Finished with
freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese
Add Fish 3.95, Shrimp 3.25, or Chicken 2.95 to any salad above
Your choice: grilled, blackened, fried, or ginger-fried

Jack daniel’s Glazed Chicken 12
Char-grilled, Jack Daniel’s-glazed chicken breast served over mixed greens
tossed with crumbled blue cheese, Renfroe candied pecans, and brown sugar-
poached peaches in an herb vinaigrette

All steaks are choice, hand-cut, then grilled and served with a chef-selected risotto cake, sauteed broccolini, and house demi-glace

Filet Mignon 8-oz. 28 | 6-oz. 24
14-oz. New York Strip 27

Suggested Toppings

Bearnaise 3 · Oscar 5 · Carpetbagger 4 · Shrimp and Crab 5 · Diane 4

From Chef Irv Miller at our sister restaurant, Jackson’s Steakhouse
Bone-in rib eye39
22-ounce hand-selected, prime bone-in rib-eye steak
served with chef-selected risotto cake and sautéed broccolini

World-famous Grits a Ya Ya 19.95
Spiced Gulf jumbo shrimp top a saute of spinach,
portobello mushrooms, applewood-smoked bacon, garlic, shallots,
and cream over a heaping bed of smoked Gouda cheese grits

Gulf Specialties
Served with hushpuppies, your choice of house salad or coleslaw, and two Southern Sides

Fish of the day 19.95
The fish of the day varies depending on freshness, abundance, and what
local fishermen are catching. We also offer other fresh fish.
Substitute any of these in place of the fish of the day, but your choice
will reflect today’s market price. Your server knows what’s available.

You select the preparation
Ginger-Crusted — Grilled — Blackened — Pecan-Crusted — Pacific-Grilled

Gulf Sampler 24.95
A veritable ocean of food. Our fresh
fish of the day and shrimp—grilled,
blackened, or fried—with fried oysters

Southern fried oysters 19.95
Plump, select oysters rolled in seasoned
cracker meal and fried golden brown

Gulf Shrimp 19.95
Fresh out of the Gulf—grilled,
grill-blackened, pecan-crusted and fried,
or cracker-crumb crusted and fried

Southern fried Scallops 19.95
Seasoned cracker-meal breaded scallops
fried golden brown

Shrimp and oysters 20.95
1⁄2 dozen shrimp—grilled, fried, or blackened—
and 1⁄2 dozen golden-fried oysters

Served with a house salad and your choice of house-made dressings:
Miso-Sesame-Ginger Vinaigrette, Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese,
Tuscan Ranch, and Balsamic-Herb Vinaigrette

Scallops Botticelli 20.95
Seared sea scallops sauteed in
extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine,
and herb butter and tossed with
angel hair pasta, fire-roasted tomatoes,
artichokes, fresh spinach, and onions.
Garnished with fresh feta

Parmesan-Crusted Grouper 24.95
Served over toasted gnocchi
resting in a lobster fennel cream
and finished with fried leeks

Blackened Salmon 22.95
Served over roasted-garlic mashed
potatoes resting in Gorgonzola cream
with sautéed broccolini and topped with
Gorgonzola compound butter

Glazed Tuna 26.95
Habanero chili-glazed tuna
served over candied pecan-crusted
sweet potato planks with a creamy
chayote squash slaw

Drunken Chicken 17.95
Creole beer-braised airline chicken
breast over andouille jambalaya with
sauteed green beans, caramelized onions,
and finished with a blackened butter sauce

Southern Sides
Ma’s Fresh Collard Greens — Fried Okra — Black-eyed Peas
Smoked Gouda Cheese Grits — Fries — Coleslaw — Corn Fritters
Grilled Veggies — Asparagus — Today’s Mashers — Jambalaya

CONSUMER INFORMATION: There is risk associated with consuming raw or undercooked beef, fish, chicken, and shellfish.
If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach, or blood, or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness from raw oysters and should eat oysters fully cooked. If unsure of your risk, consult a physician.
18% gratuity added to bill for parties of 6 or more. Open daily at 11 a.m. Credit cards OK. Comments:
Phone (850) 470-0003. Private parties perfected.

One of our core values is supporting our local businesses. Whenever possible, we
buy locally. Our fresh ingredients often come from local businesses such as Renfroe
Pecan Company, Maria’s Seafood, and Tomato Joe, to name a few. We’re also one
of the few restaurants in Pensacola that has a license to buy seafood right on our
dock. We think you’ll taste the difference!