Sumo Sushi Bar 2861 N. Green Valley (at Sunset) • 702-451-7866

Sumo Sushi Home


~ Served Cold

Eda Mame 3.00
Boiled Whole Soy Bean

Suno Mono 4.50

Japanese Pickled seaweed Salad with Shrimp and Octopus

Sashimi 8.50

Total 7 pieces of fresh fish

Tuna Tataki 7.25

Rare Cooked and Chilled w/ sauce

Tuna Tataki 6.25

Rare Cooked and Chilled w/ sauce

~ Served Hot

Ebi-Shitake 4.25

Fried Japanese Mushroom w/ Shrimp

Age-Tofu 3.85

Fried Bean Curd

Gyoza 4.25

Japanese Pot Stickers

Shumai 4.25

Japanese Flower Stickers

Shihamo 4.75

Grilled Whole Smelt Fish

Shrimp Tempura 4.95

Light Battered and Deep Fried

Vegetable Tempura 4.25

Light Battered and Deep Fried

Yakitori 3.95
Chicken Skewers

Yaki Ebi 4.95
Shrimp Cabob

Yaki Niku 4.50
Beef Cabob

Negi Niku 5.75
Grilled Beef, Green Onion Inside

Geso 6.95
Grilled Squid Legs


Miso Soup 1.50

Seaweed, Tofu, Green Onion

Nameko Miso 1.95

Japanese Mini Mushrooms

Clam Miso 1.95

Served with Clam and Lemon

Enoki Miso 1.75

Japanese Mountain Mushroom

Sumo Special Soup 1.95

Beef based soup w/ Fried Onion, Mushroom and Green onion

Choice of Ginger, Carrot, Sesame, and House dressing

Sumo Special 95¢

Oriental Chicken Salad 3.95

Tossed Green Salad 2.95

Shrimp or Crab Salad 4.95

Combination Dinners (Bento)

Geisha 11.95
Chicken Teriyaki
Vegetable Tempura
Cucumber Roll or Tuna Roll

Samurai 14.95

Chicken or Beef Teriyaki
Shrimp Tempura
California Roll

Sumo 11.95

Sumo Special Chicken Teriyaki
Sumo Special Beef Short Rib
Shrimp Cabob
Rainbow Roll

Sashimi Dinner 19.95
15 slices of fresh fish artfully arranged

Sushi Dinners

Beginners 10.50

5 Pieces of Sushi and Cucumber Roll

Chef’s Choice 14.50

7 Pieces of Sushi and Tuna Roll

Sumo Special 18.50

9 Pieces of Sushi and California Roll

Chirashi 13.50

Assorted Slices of Fresh Fish on Sushi Rice

Grilled Eel on Rice 14.50

Grilled Fresh Water Eel on rice w/ special sauce

Tempura Dinners

Vegetable Tempura 9.75

8 different kinds of vegetable

Shrimp Tempura 14.75

6 pieces of shrimp w/ vegetables

Calamari Tempura 12.75

6 pieces of calamari w/ vegetable

Katsu Dinners
Breaded and Deep Fried
All items here can be served on rice as Katsu / Donburi

Chicken 11.95 / 10.95

Pork 13.95 / 12.95

Scallop 13.95 / 12.95

Salmon 13.95 / 12.95

Calamari 12.95 / 11.95

Shrimp 14.95 / 14.95

Vegetable Dinners

Vegeteri 9.25

All kinds of vegetables sautéed w/ Teriyaki sauce

Vegeteri Noodle 11.25

Sautéed vegetables with noodles

Mushroom Special 14.25

Sautéed American mushroom, Japanese black mushroom, mini mushroom, mountain mushroom, straw mushroom

Teriyaki Dinners

Sumo Special Chicken Thighs 14.95

Specially marinated and grilled thighs served on hot plate

Chicken Breast 12.95

Grilled breast w/ teriyaki sauce

Sumo Special Beef Short Rib 15.95

Specially marinated and grilled short ribs served on hot plate

10 Oz. New York Steak 17.95

Tell your server how you like your steak cooked

Pacific Sword Fish Filet 13.95

Hawaiian Sea Bass Filet 14.95

Atlantic Salmon Filet 13.95

Norwegian Black Cod Filet 14.95


Nabeyaki Udon 8.95

Japanese thick noodle w/ chicken, shrimp, clam, fish cake and egg

Shrimp Tempura Udon 7.95
Japanese thick noodle w/ shrimp tempura

Beef or Chicken Udon 7.50
Japanese thick noodle w/ beef or chicken and vegetable

Zaru Soba 7.50
Japanese buckwheat noodle served cold w/ special sauce on the side

Shrimp Tempura Soba 7.95
Japanese buckwheat noodle served hot w/ shrimp tempura

Beef or Chicken Yakisoba 9.25

Sautéed Japanese egg noodle with vegetable on a hot plate

Sumo Ramen 6.50
Beef or Chicken – Japanese fried noodle in special broth

Nigiri Sushi

Toro Seasonal

Sweet Raw Shrimp * 5.95

Tuna 4.25

Yellowtail 4.50

Salmon 4.00

Smoked Salmon * 4.50

Halibut 4.50

Red Snapper 4.00

Mackerel 3.50

Sea Eel * 4.50

Fresh Water Eel * 4.95

Shrimp * 4.00

Octopus * 4.00

Bonito 4.25

Sea Urchin 6.50

Scallop 4.25

Salmon Egg 5.00

Smelt Egg 4.00

Sweet Egg * 3.50

Pink Clam 4.95

Surf Clam 4.25

Squid 4.00

Giant Clam Seasonal

Albacore 4.00

Spanish Mackerel 4.50

Crab Meat * 4.25

With quail egg add 1.00
* Cooked Dishes

Maki (Roll), Sushi (Please choose hand roll or cut roll)

Tekka (Tuna) 5.00

Kappa 4.00

Cucumber Sesame Seed

California 5.50

Avocado, Crab, Cucumber, Fish Egg, Sesame Seed

Shinko 4.50

Japanese Pickled Radish

Salmon Skin 6.25

Grilled Smoked Salmon Skin

Yam Yam 6.50

Scallop with Special Sauce

Kamikazi 7.50

Spicy Tuna & Eel

Alaska 6.50

Salmon and Avocado

Philadelphia 6.50

Salmon & Cream Cheese

Toku 7.00

Shrimp, Squid, Salmon, Egg

Crunchy 1 6.50

Shrimp Tempura

Crunchy 2 6.50

Calamari Tempura

Tuna Spicy 6.95

Yellow Tail Spicy 6.95

Scallop Spicy 6.95

Shrimp Spicy 6.95

Soft Rock & Roll 7.50

Grilled Eel and Avocado

Hard Rock & Roll 7.50
Grilled Eel and Spicy Scallop

Dynamite Roll 7.25
Real Spicy Tuna, Green Onions, Fish Egg

Dynamite 9.00
Clams, Scallops, with Mayonnaise Sauce

Crazy Horse 8.00
Tuna, Salmon, Fish Egg, Cobo

Vege (Lots of Vegetables) 6.00

Fried California 6.95

Light Battered and Deep Fried

Rainbow 12.00
5 kinds of Fish on top of the roll

Dragon 9.50
Grilled Eel on the top of the roll

Futo 8.00
Shinko Egg, Cooked Butternut Squash, Cucumber

Spider 9.50
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab