Sally and George 7809 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, New York 718-680-4615

Middle Eastern

Brooklyn - Bay Ridge

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Sally and George Menu


Lentil $3.50

Chicken $3.50

Split Pea $3.50

Special of the Day $3.50


Fresh Tossed $5.50
Fresh crisp vegetables w/ house dressing

Fattoush $6.50
Variety of mixed vegetables w/ toasted pita bread

Sally's Special Salad $7.50
Fresh mixed vegetables, house dressing topped w/ feta cheese and black olives

Lebanese Potato Salad $5.00
Sliced potatoes,scallions, lemon juice, parsley and oil

Chopped Tomato $5.50
Chopped tomato, cucumber, parsely and onions served w/ house dressing

Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad $8.50
Grilled Shrimp served over romaine lettuce topped w/ croutons

Grilled Chicken over salad $8.50
Marinated chicken breast strips served over a tossed salad w/ lemon and oil

Shrimp Cocktail $8.50
Large shrimp served w/ red shrimp sauce

Vegetarian Dishes

Hoummus $4.50
Mashed chickpeas in tahini sauce w/ lemon and garlic

Baba Ghannouj $4.50
Pureed heart of eggplant w/ lemon, tahini and garlic

Lebneh w/ Black Olives $4.50
Yogurt spread w/ olive oil and peppermint

Tabouleh $4.50
Chopped parsley, burghul, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and lemon juice

Stuffed Grape Leaves $4.50
Vine leaves stuffed w/ rice, chickpeas, parsley, olives oil, lemon and garlic

Foul M' Dammas $5.00
Fried fava beans w/ tomaotes, scallions, parsley, olive oil, lemon and garlic

Falafel $5.00
Dried chickpeas patties w parsley, cumin and coriander

Lebanese Omeletes $4.50
Fried patties, mixture of eggss, parsely, dried onions and garlic

Combination Cheese Plate $8.50
An assortment of kashkawan, syrian cheese, and twisted cheese

Spinach Pie (four) $3.00
Bread dough turnovers w/ finely chopped spinach leaves and onions

Moujadara $5.00
Lentil w/ rice, fried onions and oil

String Beans in Oil $5.00
Fresh string beans cooked in olive oil, tomato sauce and onions

Assorted Fried Vegetables $6.50
Combination of fried cauliflower, eggplant and squash

Mouhamara $6.00
Freshly ground red peppers, mixed w/ walnuts and house seasoning-spicy

Eggplant Salad $4.50
Pureed heart of eggplant w/ lemon, garlic, tomatoes and parsley

Cheese Sandwich $3.50
Melted syrian cheese w/ a touch of mint in pita bread

Mousakka $5.00
Sliced heart of eggplants w/ chick peas, tomatoes and onions

Okra in Oil $5.00
Baby okra cooked in oil, tomato sauce and coriander

Makdous $5.00
Pickled baby eggplant stuffed w/ walnuts, garlic, coriander and olive oil

Cheese Pie (four) $3.00
Bread dough turnover baked w/ fresh syrian cheese

Appetizers w/ Meat

Bastourma $7.00
Slices of cured, dried beef w/ marinated seasoning

Meat Pie (four) $3.00
Bread Dough turnover w/ chopped meat, pignolia nuts and onions

Lamb's Tonge $7.00
Peeled, marinated w/ vinegar, garlic and home made seasoning, hot or cold

Lebanese Sausage (Makanek) $8.00
Lamb meat, pignolia nutz and seasoning, served w/ french fries

Raw Kibbee $8.50
Served as pate of fresh lamb, burghul and seasoning

Lahm Ajun (two) $4.50
Open meat pies, chopped meat, onions, parsley and garlic

Hoummus w/ Meat $8.00
Mashed chickpeas in tahini sauce, sauteed lamb and pignolia nuts

Filo Roll (Eight) $4.50
Homemade filo rolls stuffeed w/ chopped meat and house dressing - spicy

Crispy Chicken Wings $6.00
Delicious fried wings in special sauce

Arayes $5.00
Pita bread turnover baked w a filling of spiced ground beef onions and parsely

All seafood dinner served with salad

Shrimp Basket $12.95
Deep fried shrimp served over french fries

Fish Fillet of Sole $12.95
Fried or baked w/ rice or french fries

Combination Seafood $14.95
Consists of fried fish filet, fried shrimp and french fries

Grilled Shrimp $12.95
Marinated shrimp served w/ grilled vegetables

Whole Fish Selections
Subject to availability, served with rice or french fries, tartar sauce, lemon or harra sauce.

Sultan Imbrahim $16.95
(Red Mullet) Fried

Red Snapper $19.50
Broiled or fried

Striped Bass $19.50
Broiled or Fried

Sea Bass $19.50
Broiled or Fried

Porgy $12.95

Stewed Daily Selections

Tuesday, Okra $12.95
Cooked w/ cubed lamb meat, tomato, coriander and garlic

Wednesday, Peas $12.95
Cooked w/ cubed lamb meat, cooked in tomato sauce

Thursday, String Beans $14.95
Cooked w/ cubed lamb meat, cooked in tomato sauce

Friday, Kafta $12.95
Baked in tomato sauce and potatoes

Saturday, Mouloukyhia $14.95
Fresh Mouloukyia cooked w/ chicken and lamb

Sunday, Baked Eggoplant $12.95
Baby eggplants stuffed w/ ground meat and pignolia nuts

Side Orders

Leban $3.00
Homemade Yogurt

French Fries $3.00

Pickles $3.00

Rice Pilaf $4.00

Black Olives $3.00

Main Course Selections

Kibbee Balls $6.00
Fried, stuffed w/ chopped meat, pignolia nuts and onions

Baked Kibbee $9.50
Two layers of kibbee mixture stuffed as aboveand baked

Kibbee Balls in Yogurt $9.50
Kibbee Balls, cooked in yogurt w/ mint and a hint of garlic

Combination Plate $11.50
Baked kibbee w/ grape leaves or cabbage leaves

Dishes Served w/ Stuffing
Dishes listen below are stuffed with choped meat and rice

Chicken $9.50
Tender strips of chicken over rice and meat, topped w/ almonds and pignolia nutz

Lamb $9.50
Tender strips of lamb over rice and meat, topped w/ almonds and pignolia nutz

Char-Broiled Dishes

Shish Tawook $11.95
Boneless chicken, marinated

Shish Kebob $12.95
Cubed chunks of lamb, marinated

Kafta Kebob $11.95
Ground lamb w/ finley chopped parsley , onions and seasoning

Sally's Special Kafta Kebob $12.95
Ground lamb served on a bed of stewed tomatoes and onions

Sally's Special Kafta Kebob in Yogurt Sauce $13.95
Served on slices of toasted pita, covered w/ hot yogurt sauce and garlic

Ribs of Lamb $14.95
Marinated w/ special house seasoning

Half Marinated Chicken $10.50