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7 days a week
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Ping Pang Pong Menu


Soup of the Day - $ 3.95
Hot and Sour Soup - $ 4.25
Wor Won Ton Soup - $ 4.95
Ox Tail Soup - $ 5.95


Pot-Stickers $ 5.95
Shanghai Spring Rolls $ 3.95
Mooshu with Chicken or Pork $ 5.95
Sesame Shrimp Roll $ 6.95
Minced Squab Lettuce Cups $ 8.95
Savory minced squab and pork tenderloin, served with hoisin sauce
Soft-Shell Crab Rice Paper Wrap $ 8.95
Grilled Lamb Chops $ 8.95
Grilled Santa Barbara Prawns - MKT
Limited availability


Double-Braised Scallop Hot Pot - $11.95
Whole sea scallops seared, then simmered with garlic oyster sauce in a sealed clay pot

Cantonese Pulled Chicken - $ 9.95
Tossed with salted, five spice dressing

Julienne Fresh Abalone - $13.95
Sautéed with egg whites, silver bean sprouts and hot house chives

Steamed Crab with Sticky Rice Stuffing - $23.95
A whole cracked crab, steamed over a bed of seasoned rice stuffing

Fish and Calamari Balls - $10.95
Braised in a aged oyster sauce

Lotus-Wrapped Pork Ribs - $9.95
A lakeside favorite, steamed with five spice and chopped garlic

Simmered Fu Chiu - $11.95
Rolled tofu, flavored with chicken, Chinese ham and green beans

Dragon Well Shrimp - $11.95
Wok-tossed shrimp, infused with a mild Chinese green tea flavor


Gobo Beef - $11.95
Sirloin cubes wok-tossed with gobo julienne and Asian basil

Orange Beef - $ 9.95

Black Pepper Beef Medallions - $10.95

King Du Pork Chops - $9.95
Smothered in a sweet and tangy citrus red sauce

Spicy Home Style Pork Julienne - $ 9.95
Wok-tossed with sliced bean curd and fresh chilies

Tea Smoked Duck (Half) - $15.95
Served with mor mor pancakes, shredded scallions and hoisin sauce

Plum-Orange Braised Leg of Duck - $9.95

Cantonese Roast Duck (Half) - $12.95

Hot Braised Chicken - $9.95
Marinated and wok-tossed in a mildly spicy sweet chili reduction

Chicken with Black Bean Sauce - $9.95

Kung Pao Chicken - $9.95
Authentic Szechwan preparation with fire roasted chilies


Steamed Whole Fish - MKT

San Pan Tiger Prawns - $13.95
Pan-seared prawns in the shell with aged soy sauce, garlic and shallots

Walnut Prawns - $13.95
Butterflied prawns dressed with sesame mayonnaise and honey-glazed walnuts

Tomato Onion Scallops - $11.95

Spicy Dungeness Crab with Peppercorn - $23.95

Manila Clams with Black Bean Sauce - $9.95

Lobster Macau - MKT
A whole cracked lobster, swathed in a lightly curried caper-butter sauce

Lobster and Vermicelli Clay Pot - MKT

Emperor's Seafood Stew - $28.95
Sun-dried abalone, fish maw and supreme sea cucumber
simmered together in a superior broth


Pan-Seared Tofu Squares - $8.25

Ma Po Tofu - $6.95

Sautéed Lotus Root - $6.95
Thinly sliced root of lotus in an sweet and pungent sauce

Sautéed Farm Fresh Greens - $8.95

Wrinkled String Beans - $8.25
High flame wok-tossed with a tarragon-like fresh Chinese herb

Three Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce - $8.95

Stuffed Peppers in Black Bean Sauce - $6.95
Bell and chili peppers with fresh shrimp stuffing

Snow Pea Leaves with Roasted Garlic - $12.95


Black Bean Spare Ribs Rice - $9.95
Ginger Mushroom Chicken Rice - $9.95
Sausage Duck Confit Rice - $10.95
Fu-Jian Abalone Porridge - $9.95
Preserved Egg Porridge - $6.95
Fong Ton Porridge - $8.95


Cantonese Sausage Fried Rice - $10.95
With egg whites and thinly sliced Chinese broccoli stems

Fu Chow Fried Rice - $11.50
Sautéed with mixed seafood in a light scallion gravy

Cantonese Curry Beef Brisket Stew - $8.95

Yung Chow Fried Rice - $8.95
With BBQ pork, shrimp and green onions

Shrimp Fried Rice - $9.95

Chicken Fried Rice - $7.50

Night Market Fried Rice - $8.95
Sliced beef, tossed with fresh Thai chilies, bean sprouts and diced tomatoes

Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice - $10.50


Szechwan Beef Noodle Soup - $9.95
Tender beef slow simmered in a unique blend of chilies and spices

Hong Kong Won Ton Noodle Soup - $6.95

Calamari Rice Noodle Soup - $8.95
Angel hair rice noodles with fresh calamari in a duck broth with cilantro and black vinegar

Spicy Ying Nan Rice Noodle Soup - $8.95
Vermicelli and shrimp enveloped in a sumptuous chicken broth with Ying Nan chili paste, scallions and cilantro

Noodle Tainan - $7.95
Minced pork with bean sprouts and chives in a clear broth

Cha Tsai Noodle Soup - $7.95
Spicy, Szechwan vegetables sautéed with pork over Mandarin noodles

Black Peppered Beef Udon - $9.95

Ba Bao Noodles - $9.95
Mandarin noodles topped with a spicy, shrimp sauce and peanuts

Majong Noodles - $6.95
Mandarin noodles in warm toasted sesame cream sauce

XO Shrimp Lai Fen - $11.95
Hand-rolled rice noodles, wok-tossed with spicy XO chili sauce

Singapore Rice Noodles - $9.95
Light curry-flavored rice vermicelli with shrimp, BBQ pork and onions

Beef Satay Flat Rice Noodles - $9.95

Shanghai Noodles - $7.95
Stir-fried Napa cabbage, mushrooms, spinach and pork

Pan-Toasted Mixed Seafood Noodles - $10.95

Chicken Stir-Fried Soft Noodles - $7.95

Seafood Stir-Fried Soft Noodles - $9.95