Nozomi Restaurant & Sushi Bar
2202 W. Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89102 • 702-366-9119

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All you Can Eat Appetizers

Age Tofu
Soft Shell Crab
Chicken Katsu
Miki Rice
Chicken Teriyaki
Pork Katsu
Fried Oyster
Crab Sunomono
Fried / Steamed Gyoza
Seaweed Salad
Mixed Tempura
Crab Salad
Spicy Tuna Salad

All you Can Eat Special Rolls

Variety of chef picked fishes on top of California

Fresh water eel on California roll

Avocado outside, eel, crab inside

Spider Roll
Soft-shell crab inside, smelt egg outside

Alaskan Roll
Baked salmon on California

Hawaiian Roll
Tuna on California

Tempura Roll
Shrimp tempura and crab inside

Tempura California Roll
Deep fried California

Spicy Tuna California Roll
Deep fried spicy tuna

Vegetable Tempura Roll

Crunch Roll
Spicy tuna, temp flakes, smelt eggs

Tiger Roll
Shrimp tempura, inside, spicy tuna on top

Kiss Roll
Spicy tuna inside w/ salmon and avocado on top

Japanese Lasagna
Baked California topped with cream cheese

Las Vegas
Deep fried assorted fish, avocado, crab, cream cheese

Sex on the Beach
Spicy scallop topped with salmon

Japanese vegetable roll

007 Roll
Crab roll topped with shrimp & avocado

Rimba Roll
scallop roll with cream cheese

Donn Roll
Spicy crab cream cheese, topped with crunchy spicy crab

Hub Cap Annie
Spicy tuna spicy crab cream cheese inside topped with spicy tuna

Rock and Rhonda
Shrimp tempura, crab, cream cheese topped with spicy crab

Spicy Tuna Spicy Crab Special

Unagi Cruncher
Fresh water eel with crunchies & cream cheese

Ultimate Salmon Roll
House special

Yum Yum Roll

Spicy tuna / cream cheese topped with eel / avocado