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Edamame 3.50
Boiled and salted soy beans

Hiyayakko 4.00
Gold tofu w/ bonito shavings and scallions

Agedashi Tofu 6.00
Fried tofu in fish and seaweed broth

Vegetable Tempura 5.00
Assorted Vegetables batter fried and served wi house tempura sauce

Age Ninniku 4.00
Whole cloves of garlic deep fried

Nasu-miso 7.00
Stir fried eggplant with sweet miso sauce

Vegetable Gyoza 4.50
Steamed or fried

Asian Green Chili Tempura 5.00
Green Chili batter fried and served w/ house soy tempura sauce


Musashi Skewer Combo 18.00
Assorted meats, seafood, and vegetable skewers barbequed and
braised with different sauces

Samurai Sampler 14.00
Assorted appetizers (eggroll, shrimp dragons, hairy shrimp, yakitori, and talsutaage)

Beef Negimaki 7.50
Green Onions wrapped in beef with light teriyaki sauce and bathe qued

Beef Tataki 8.00
Rare Seared Beef topped wI garlic chips and ponzu sauce on the side

Aspara-beef 8.50
Asparagus and Oyster Mushroom wrapped in beef with oriental sauce and barbequed

Beef Eggroll 4.50
Beef and vegetable eggrolls served with our house sweet in sour sauce

Galbi 6.00
Barbequed sauteed short ribs


Gyoza 4.50
Steamed or fried

Kushi Katsu 5.00
Skewered Cubed Pork breaded and deep-fried

Pork Shumai 4.50
Steamed and Served w/ spicy mustard

Bacon Wrap 5.00
Boiled Quail eggs wrapped in bacon and pan fried


Tatsutaage 6.50
Marinated Chicken Thigh deep-Fried

Yaki-tori 5.00
Skewered Chicken Thigh (Shro-yaki or TeriySo)

Garlic Chicken Gizzards 4.50
w/ asparagus

Chicken Gizzard Tatsutaage 5.00
Marinated Chicken Gizzards deep-fried

Sweet n Spicy Drums 6.50
Chicken drumsticks sauteed and cooked in our sweet jalapeno sauce


Seafood Tempura App. 9.00
Assorted seafood batter fried and served w/ ginger sauce

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura 6.50
Batter fried shrimp and vegetable with house tempura sauce

Hairy Shrimp 6.50
Deep fried shrimp wrapped within noodles served w/ shinwa sauce

Crazy Hair Scallops 8.50
Scallops wrapped wicrazy noodles and served w/ Tsutomu's garlic sauce

Shrimp Dragoons 6.00
Deep fried shrimp and cream cheese wrapped in wonton skins

Oden 7.00
Fish cakes) daikon, boiled egg, and suuji (beef tendon) cooked in dashi soup

Firecrackers 5.50
Jalapenos stuffed wi spicy tuna and cream cheese and batter filed

Teriyaki Seabass 6.50
Broiled seabass topped with teriyaki sauce and scallions

Ebi-fry 5.50
Deep fried breaded shrimp with tartar sauce

Shrimp Cocktail 5.50
Served w/ cocktail sauce

Shrimp Springrolls 4.50
Shrimp, vegetable, and rice noodles wrapped and served wi sesame sauce

Shrimp Cocktail 5.50
Served wi cocktail sauce

Tako-parsely Ceviche 5.75
Octopus Ceviche w/ soy vinegarette and ftlatbread crackers on the side

Salmon Ceviche 5.75
wi lemon vinegarette and flatbread crackers on the side

Tako-yaki 5.50
Octopus wheat balls w/ sweet sauce and aonori seaweed

Ika-yaki 7.25
Grilled whole squid w/ sweet sake sauce

Calamari Tempura 5.50
Batter fried calamari steak served wi ginger sauce

Shishamo 3.50
Grilled Smelt Fish

Kaki-su 5.50
Fresh Oyster wi ponzu sauce

Kakifry 6.00
Breaded and deep fried oysters w/ tonkatsu sauce

Asari Butter 7.25
Asari clams in butter sake soup

Hamachi Kama 7.75
Sewed w/ oroshi ponzu sauce

Salmon Kama 5.75
Served w/ oroshi ponzu sauce

Scallop Lettuce Wrap 6.50
Grilled scallop and shiitake mushroom wrapped in Romane lettuce w/ oriental sauce

Fried Scallop 7.50
Breaded and deep fried scallop served w/ tonkatsu sauce

Bacon Scallops or Shrimp 8.50
Grilled scallops or shrimp wrapped in bacon skewered and braised wiour lemon garlic sauce

Green Mussels 5.50
Baked with our mayo-spicy sauce

Soft Shell Crab 6.50
Soft Shell crab deep and served w/ ponzu sauce

Dynamite 8.50
Jumbo clam, scallops, and mushrooms chopped

Yamakake 7.00
Grated mountain yarn topped w/ diced tuna

Cream Balls 6.50
Salmon and pork balls stuffed with cream cheese and deep fried

Baby Octopus 5.50
Marinated baby octopus batter fried and sewed w/ sweet soy sauce


Seafood Carpaccio 9.00
Assorted Asian greens and seafood mixed w/ a sweet vinegarette oil dressing

Seafood Sunomono 7.00
Surf Clam, Octopus, and Shrimp on top of cucumber wi sweet vinegarette dressing

Seaweed Salad 4.00
Assortd Seaweed on top of cucumber w/sweet vinaigarette

Amaebi Salad 8.50
Assorted Salad a top of sweet shrimp w/ vinegarette miyamoto sauce

Cucumber Salad 4.50
w/ sweet miso dressing

Tuna Fold Salad 7.00
Diced Tuna, Seaweed and Onions served on a bed of spinach w/poki dressing

Miso Soup
w/asari clams 3.50
w/ tofu and seaweed 2.25
Meat Broth Soup 2.25
w/ mushrooms and scallions
Steamed Rice 1.50
House Salad 3.00

Fried Rice
w/ vegetable 5.00
w/ beef 6.50
w/ shrimp 7.50
w/ chicken 6.00


Beef Shabu-Shabu 24.50
Thinly sliced raw beef and assorted vegetables cooked in our house broth w/ ponzu, sesame, or our spicy sauce

Seafood Shabu-Shabu 32.50
Sea food (shrimp, scallops, calamari steak, fish, oysters, and green mussels) and assorted vegetables cooked in our house broth w/ponsu, sesame, or our spicy sauce

Nabeyaki Udon 12.50
Served in hot pot w/ thick noodles, vegetables, fish, chicken, egg,
and shrimp tempura in dashi soup

Seafood Gratin 8.50
Shrimp, scallop, and macaroni pasta baked w/ our house white sauce
and parmesan cheese

Doria 5.50
White rice baked w/ our house white sauce and parmesan cheese
(a Japanese Favorite)

JAPANESE PIZZA (Okonomiyaki)
Assorted meats, seafood, noodles, and vegetables stackes stacked and grilled w/ batter Served w/ sweet okonomiyaki sauce and aonori seaweed.

Beef 9.50
Chicken 8.50
Pork 8.50
Shrimp 10.00

Choice of 2 12.50; Choice of 3 14.50

All Entrees include misc soup, salad, kabocha mashed potatoes, and steamed rice


Chicken Teriyaki 12.00
Grilled chicken breast topped with our house teriyaki sauce

Chicken Katsu 12.50
Breaded and deep fried chicken breast served w/ tonkatsu sauce

BEEF ( Hot Iron)

MY Steak 18.00
Filet Mignon 24.00
Rib-eye 23.50
Kobe Beef Market price
Served either: teriyaki style or salt and pepper wi side of oroshi ponzu sauce


Pork Katsu 14.50
Breaded and deep fried pork served w/ tonkatsu sauce


Broiled Fish( Hot Iron)

Salmon 16.25
Sewed either teriyaki style or salted w/ side of grated daikon radish

Seabass 18.00
Served either teriyaki style or salted w/ side of grated daikon radish

Tuna 18.50
Sewed rare wi light teriyaki sauce topped wi garlic chips and jalapenos

Tara Miso 18.50
Marinated cod broiled and sewed w/ a citrus miso sauce

Shrimp Tcmpura Dinner 15.75
Batter fried shrimp and vegetable served with house tempura sauce

Seafood Tempura Dinner 17.50
Assorted Seafood batter fried and served w/ house tempura sauce

Musashi Seafood Planer Market price
An assortment of lobster shrimp, scallops, crab legs, and oysters

RICE BOWLS (Donburi)
All rice bowls served W/ miso soup and pickled vegetables

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl 7.00
Chicken Teriyaki on top of rice

Oyako-Don 6.25
Chicken, Egg and vegetables on top of rice

Beef Sukiyaki Don 8.50
Thinly sliced marinated beef and vegetable on top of rice

Ten-Don 8.25
Shrimp and vegetable tempura on top of rice

Um-Jyu 13.00
Broiled eel on top of rice w/ eel sauce

Chirashi Sushi 15.00
Assorted Sashimi on top of sushi rice

All Teppan entrees served with miso soup, salad, rice, shrimp appetizer, and assorted vegetables


Musashi Special 58.00
Filet mignon, prawns, scallops, lobster tail,
fried rice and choice of ice cream

Steak Lovers Special 90.00
Kobe beef, New York steak and filet mignon

Kimono Special 22.50
Sukiyaki steak and chicken breast

Geisha Special 26.75
New York Steak and chicken breast

Katana Special 24.00
Chicken breast and prawns

Ronin Special 32.00
Prawns and scallops

Ninja Special 29.00
Salmon filet and prawns

Samurai Special
I. New York steak and prawns 29.00
II. New York steak and scallops 32.50
III. New York steak and salmon filet 33.00

Tsutomu Special 49.50
Prawns, scallops, calamari steak, lobster tail, fried rice, and choice of ice cream

Shogun Special 39.00
10 oz. Filet Mignon with a chicken breast and choice of ice cream

Hosokawa Clan Special
I. Filet Mignon and prawns 34.50
II. Filet Mignon and scallops 38.00

Masumi Special 46.50
Filet mignon, lobster tail, fried rice, and choice of ice cream

Yoshida Special 46.50
Rib-eye, lobster tail, fried rice, and choice of ice cream


Kobe Beef Market price
Chicken 16.00
Chicken 19.50 w/ Asian vegetables
N.Y. Steak 25.75
Filet Mignon 28.50
Rib-eye 28.50
Salmon 23.00
Sukiyaki Steak 23.75
Sukiyaki 27.00 w/ Asian vegetables
Seabass 28.00
Prawns 24.00
Scallops 28.00
Vegetarian 18.00
Lobster Tail 38.00

Exra Orders and Sides w/ choice of entree
Side of Fried Rice 3.50
Side of Calamari Steak 7.00
Extra Shrimp (5pc.) 7.00
Side of Mushrooms or Zucchini or Onions 4.00
Extra Scallop (4pc.) 9.50


Ice cream 4.00
Mochi Ice Cream 3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream Tempura w/ whipped cream topping 6.50
Green Tea Jelly In condensed milk syrup 5.00
Deep Fried Sweet Banannas with whipped chocolate 6.50

A standard 18% will be added to parties of 6 more Where applicable, sales tax will be added. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and cash only. Sorry, no personal checks accepted