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Mint Indian Bistro Home

Mint Indian Bistro Home


Appetizer Momo
Vegetarian option available
Six pieces of the most delectable dumplings filled
with your choice of ground turkey or mixed vege-
tables & spicy jack cheese.
... with lean, ground turkey 7.99
... with ground lamb keema
... with fresh, mixed veggies 6.99

Himalayan Samosas
Vegetarian option available, Vegan friendly
Our famous Samosas are fashioned by hand,
stuffed full with mildly spiced potatoes & green
peas or ground lamb keema and shaped like a
mighty mountain rising up in the Himalayas.
... with potatoes and peas 3.99 two pc
... with ground lamb keema 4.99

Alotta Pakoda
Vegetarian option available, Vegan friendly
We grind chickpeas into flour, turn it into a
spiced batter, then soak in your choice of tender
chicken, succulent shrimp, or mixed vegetables;
then deep fry it into a crispy delight.
... with Chicken 5.99
... with jumbo Shrimp 6.99
... with fresh, shredded Veggies 3.99


Tomato Soup
Vegan friendly
A twist on the traditional tomato soup, thick
slow cooked tomatoes blended with our Himala-
yan spices and diced paneer cheese. 3.99

Highlander Daal Soup
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
Traditional Lentil soup prepared with mild Hi-
malayan herbs and spices and diced chicken and
tomatoes. 3.99

Kwati Soup
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
Five different beans and lentils are soaked in wa-
ter and allowed to sprout and soften, then we
slow cook it into the most amazing soup in all of
Las Vegas and beyond! 4.99

Fresh-baked Breads

Vegan friendly
Warm soft, puffy bread baked lovingly in a spe-
cial clay oven, or topped off with fire roasted gar-
lic or stuffed with your choice of chicken &
chilli, ground lamb, onion/cilantro, or paneer.
... Unbuttered 1.99
... Buttered 1.99
... Topped with fire-roasted Garlic 2.99
... Stuffed with Onion and Cilantro 2.99
... Stuffed with Paneer Cheese 3.50
... Stuffed with Chicken & Chilli 3.99
... Stuffed with ground Lamb Keema 3.99

Vegan friendly
Whole wheat flat traditional Nepalese flat bread
baked in a special clay oven. 1.99

Vegan friendly
This Indian mainstay consists of multiple layers
of whole wheat bread, either stuffed with spiced
potatoes and green peas or with a Himalayan
butter spread and pan seared to perfection.
... Buttered 2.99
... Stuffed with Potatoes and Peas 3.99

Vegan friendly
Deep-friend, puffy whole wheat bread that’s fun
to poke, rip and dip. 1.99


Organic Field Green Salad
Tossed seasonal greens with sliced tomatoes in
the Chef’s changing selection of rotating daily
salad dressings. 3.99

Chicken Tikka Salad
Tossed seasonal greens with slices of Tandoor-
baked chicken. 4.99

Kakro Salad
Nepalese style cucumber salad with lemon, ses-
ame seeds, cilantro, potatoes and green chillies.
Goes best as a meal accompaniment. 5.99

Nepalese & Tibetan Entrées

Mighty Momo
This is the most famous dish in the Himalayas.
Succulent steamed dumplings, filled with your
choice of ground turkey or fresh mixed vegeta-
bles spicy Jack cheese, served with our special
Himalayan tomato-cashew dipping sauce.
... with turkey 11.99 12 pieces
... with ground lamb 12.99
... with fresh veggies 9.99

Chau Chau
Vegan friendly, Halal option available
“Chau Chau” is the name given for pan-fried
Tibetan noodles and is meant to mimic the siz-
zling sounds made by stir frying these noodles
in a medley of your choice of chicken, lamb, or
vegetables and spices at high altitudes.
... with chicken 10.99 full order 8.99 half
... with lamb 12.99 9.99
... with fresh veggies 9.99 7.99

Kathmandu-Style Chicken Chilli
Halal option available
A popular dish featuring fiery chillies, tender
chicken, green peppers & onions. 12.99

Chyangba’s Thukpa
Vegan friendly, Halal option available
Hearty Tibetan noodle soup to warm the Hima-
layan soul! This large bowl is filled with your
choice of chicken, lamb or mixed vegetables
along with Tibetan noodles.
... with chicken 10.99 full order 7.99 half
... with lamb 11.99 8.99
... with fresh veggies 9.99 7.99

Chef Giri’s Sekuwa
Halal option available
Your choice of chicken, lamb, fish or shrimp
marinated over 24 hours in Chef Giri’s famous
marinade blends and then baked to perfection
in a special clay oven—served sizzling to your
mountaintop... er, table.
... tender chicken 13.99
... most famous lamb 16.99
... boneless swordfish 18.99
... jumbo shrimp 18.99

Rebel Curry
Not your typical conformist, defeatist curry! The
Nepalese Gurkhas are renowned for their prow-
ess in battle and so are the UNLV Runnin’ Re-
bels. This is the Nepalese Gurkha version of the
famous curry with a rebelliously inspired exotic
blend of curry spices.
... with chicken 11.99 full order 8.99 half
... with lamb 13.99 9.99

Organic Alu Kaoli Masala
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
Imagine fresh potatoes and cauliflower rolling
around happily in a dry tomato & onion sauce,
competing for the attention of the Himalayan
herbs & spices that adorn this delicate dish.
12.99 full order 9.99 half

Mahakali Mango Chicken (Seasonal)
Oven baked chicken with fresh mango slices is
cooked in an onion & fennel-seed base to create
a sweet and spicy sensational rival to the
Chicken Tikka Masala. 14.99

Alu Tama Tarkari
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
This vegetarian specialty consists of tender bam-
boo shoot that wraps and cradles tenderly sea-
soned quartered potatoes. 12.99

Eastern Seafood Curry
Your choice of fresh ocean Swordfish or jumbo
Shrimp is simmered in a yoghurt and mustard-
seed base and spiced accordingly. This curry-
style is from Eastern Nepal.
... with swordfish 17.99 full order 13.99 half
... with jumbo shrimp 16.99 13.99

Organic Saffron Cauliflower
Organic cauliflower blossoms in a delicate or-
ganic cream sauce with just the right hint of
that wafting saffron aroma. 13.99

Bhatmas Gundruk
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
A very Nepalese dish consisting of soybeans and
naturally fermented mustard leaves. 11.99

Indian Entrées

Karma Korma
Vegetarian & halal options available
A creamy sauce sprinkled with nuts and as-
sorted Himalayan spices. Embrace your karma
and try this dish fated to be your favorite.
... with Chicken 12.99 full order 11.99 half
... with Lamb 13.99 12.99
... with fresh Veggies 9.99 7.99

Maharaja Makhani
Vegetarian & halal options available
Your choice of clay oven roasted chicken, fish,
shrimp, or homemade cheese slowly added and
simmered in a creamy, buttery tomato sauce,
blended to perfection with Himalayan spices.
... with Chicken 12.99 full order 9.99 half
... with Swordfish 17.99 12.99
... with jumbo Shrimp 17.99 12.99
... with Paneer Cheese 12.99 9.99

Vegan friendly, vegetarian & halal options available
Shredded and creamed spinach slow cooked
with your choice of roasted chicken, boneless
lamb or homemade paneer cheese.
... with Chicken 12.99 full order 9.99 half
... with Lamb 13.99 10.99
... with Paneer Cheese 11.99 8.99

Organic Tantric Tandoori
Halal option available
What does tantra have to do with tandoori? We
believe that a good tandoori chicken ought to
have the ability to take your senses, especially
taste, to a higher level of existence. Rubbed with
Himalayan spices and a dry tomato sauce .
11.99 full order 8.99 half

Vegan friendly, vegetarian & halal options available
Aromatic Indian Basmati rice cooked with your
choice of chicken, lamb, shrimp or mixed vege-
tables and spiced with raisins & assorted nuts.
... with chicken 11,99 full order 8.99 half
... with lamb 12.99 9.99
... with shrimp 13.99 10.99
... with fresh veggies 9.99 7.99

Vertical Vindaloo
Your choice of chicken or lamb, cubed and
diced with potatoes and simmered in a fiery,
spicy sauce. Imagine yourself plunging vertically
down the Himalayan mountains, straight into
the hot, steamy Indian Terai plains! This is an
Indian specialty too good to pass up.
... with chicken 11.99 full order 8.99 half
... with lamb 12.99 9.99
... with swordfish 16.99 11.99
... with jumbo shrimp 16.99 11.99

Chana Masala
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
A popular mainstay in the Himalayas as well as
the rest of the Indian subcontinent. Chickpeas
with fresh ginger and garlic with a tomato &
onion sauce. 9.99 full order 6.99 half

Paneer Matter/Mushroom Matter
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
Green peas rolls around happily in a creamy
sauce co-inhabited by your choice of homemade
scrumptious paneer cheese or succulent sliced
mushrooms. 12.99 full order 8.99 half

Malai Kofta
A medley of mixed vegetables pressed into a
patty and cooked in a creamy herb, saffron and
onion sauce. 11.99 full order 7.99 half

Daal Maharani
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
The Maharaja has his Makhani and the Maha-
rani has her Daal. Lentils slow cooked, option-
ally buttered and creamed, then spiced to taste.
9.99 full order 7.99 half

Halal option available
Chunky quartered green bell peppers and on-
ions pan-tossed with a barrage of chicken or
homemade paneer cheese and a flurry of green
chillies, ginger, and coriander that drenches like
an Indian monsoon.
... with chicken 12.99 full order 9.99 half
... with paneer cheese 11.99 8.99

Nepalese Sampler 25.99
A grand smörgåsbord of the finest, most famous
dishes from this small country of bright smiles,
rugged landscapes & fierce determination.
Seven different dishes served on traditional
Nepalese dishware, perfect for two to share or
one to feast on. Includes—

... Fresh-baked whole-wheat roti
... Kwati Soup
... Kakro Salad
... Nepalese rebel chicken curry
... Chef Giri’s lamb sekuwa
... Alu Tama Tarkari
... Aromatic basmati rice
... Mighty Momos
(stuffed with ground turkey)
... Lal Mohan dessert

Lumbini Vege / Vegan Sampler 23.99
Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal and in
honor of the man and his principles, we’ve
come up with a vegetarian and vegan friendly
sampler for those who choose to live a meat-free

... Fresh-baked whole-wheat roti
... Kwati Soup
... Kakro Salad
... Organic Alu Kaoli Masala
... Mixed vegetable curry of the day
... Chana Saag
(Spinach with garbanzo beans)
... Aromatic basmati rice
... Coconut sorbet in a half-shell

Indian Sampler 26.99
Sample some of the best that the Indian sub-
continent has to offer! We’ve chosen some of
the most popular items from different regions
of Northern and Southern India and prepare
them with a touch of Himalayan sensibility. Per-
fect for two to share or one to feast on.

... Fresh-baked garlic naan
... Vegetable pakodas
... Chicken Tikka Masala
... Lamb Vindaloo
... Organic tandoori chicken
... Mixed vegetable curry of the day
... Chef’s choice of lentils
... Fresh, homemade yoghurt
... Aromatic basmati rice
... Khir dessert

Staple Regional Nepalese Platters

Daal Bhat Tarkari (The DBT)
Vegetarian, Vegan friendly
The standard household meal of Nepal—
consisting of aromatic Basmati rice, the lentil
soup of the day, and the Chef’s signature vegeta-
ble dish of the day garnished with some achar
and a traditional dessert. 13.99

Lamb Saag ra Dhido (The LSD)
Halal option available
No this is not a flashback caused by the ubiqui-
tous drug featuring the same acronym. Al-
though braised lamb, sautéed spinach and Nep-
alese-style cornmeal might take you back to a
traditional Nepalese village meal. 14.99

Traditional Desserts

Nepalese basmati rice slow cooked and reduced
in fresh whole milk and spiced with cardamom,
raisins and nuts. 2.99

Gajar Haluwa
This is a carrot based creamy pudding that’s
sweetened just right and hides raisins, cashews,
and pistachios in its creamy goodness. 2.99

Lal Mohan
Two fluffy milk-based pastries, brown on the
outside, and awesome on the inside, just like
the Himalayan folk. Steeped in a sweet syrup
and served cold, just the way we like it in the
mountains. 2.99

Mango Kulfi
Homemade traditional mango ice cream that’s
hard on the outside but melts the instant it hits
your tongue. 2.99

Pistacchio Kulfi
Homemade traditional pistachio ice cream
that’s hard on the outside but melts the instant
it hits your tongue. 2.99

Non-traditional Desserts

Coconut Sorbet in-a half-shell
All natural creamy coconut sorbet served in its
own natural coconut shell. 5.99

Pineapple Sorbet in-a-half-shell
All natural pineapple sorbet served in its own
natural pineapple shell. 5.99

Chocolate Sorbet in a cocoa pod
All natural chocolate sorbet served in its own
natural cocoa pod. 5.99

Himalayan Snowball
Mango and passionfruit sorbet with a raspberry
sorbet core covered in white chocolate and driz-
zled with milk chocolate stripes. Looks like a
snowball on the outside but when cut open it
blooms like a bright Himalayan spring flower. 5.99


Himalayan Water
Our apologies, it is taking us a while to bottle
Himalayan water as we wait for the snows to
melt, so in the meantime we’ve stocked up on
some of the best bottled spring water available.
...Fiji Still 500 or 800ml
... Waiwera Still or Sparkling 500ml
... San Pellegrino Sparkling 500 or 750ml
... Llanlyr Source Still or Sparkling 750ml
... Voss Norwegian Still or Sparkling 800ml
500 ml 3.99 750/800 ml 4.99

Assorted Soft Drinks
Please note that these are NOT Himalayan in
origin. Available options are Coke, Diet Coke,
Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, and Sweetened
Lemon Iced Tea. 1.99

Lassi Lasso
Perfect for a hot Las Vegas day... let this Lassi
drink lasso you in! Cold, homemade yoghurt is
blended with your choice of sugar, salt, or fresh
mango pulp. 3.99

Organic Iced Teas
Certified USDA organic iced teas containing
only 60 calories from organic cane sugar.
... Red Tea Peach ...Red Tea Tropical
...White Tea Cherry ...White Tea Strawberry
...Green Tea Berry ...Green Tea Mandarin 3.99

Two Leaves & a Bud Organic Teas
Single region teas selected from estates that use
traditional growing methods and never blended
with less expensive filler teas.
... Assam ... Darjeeling
... Earl Grey ... Orange Sencha
... Lemon Rooibos ... Alpine Berry Herbal
... Chamomile ... White Peony
... Mountain High Chai
... Tamayokucha Extreme Green 4.99

Alcoholic beverages are in a separate menu,
please ask one of our servers or sommeliers
about our fantastic selections.