The Maple Tree 6000 W. Spring Mountain Rd. (near Jones) • 702-362-5151

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Maple Grove Farms

Vermont Country Store

Breakfast / Lunch

In Spring Valley

Take out available
Catering Available

• Junior / Senior Menu

Parties 6 or More

Large Parking Lot

Children’s Menu

Payment Methods
Visa, MC, Amex
Travelers Checks

Private Rooms
Restaurant Available for private parties

Open Daily
7am - 2pm


Olde time Country Cooking in the tradition of
A New England Style Sugarhouse Restaurant

About our Sugarhouse style restaurant

Historically, a Sugarhouse is a rustic building in a rural part of the maple
producing countryside. Each season, the sap is gathered from maple trees and
brought to the Sugarhouse, where the maple syrup is produced. One tree renders about ten gallons of sap each season, and it takes an average of forty gallons of sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup.

Sugarhouse operators produce a wide variety of maple related, and
other products. Most have retail Country Stores offering their many creations
such as candies, sugars, jellies, syrups, baked goods, and conduct tours of their maple producing operations. The Sugarhouse Restaurants offer their many guests and visitors old time rural country cooking of the region.

We offer a varied menu of traditional New England Sugarhouse food.
Our maple syrup is received exclusively from New England producers, and all of our batters and sauces are made fresh daily using the finest ingredients.

"Best Diner /
Coffee Shop"
- Best of Las Vegas
Staff PIck 2007