Mamita's Mexican & Cuban Restaurant
611 E. Fremont, Las Vegas, Nv 89101 • 702-474-7033 Fax: 702-385-4459

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Mamita's Breakfast Menu

Served from 9am to 11 am

Mexican Breakfast / Desayunos

Choose one of the following styles:
MEXICAN STYLE: Home Fried Potatoes, Beans & Tortillas
CUBAN STYLE: Fried Ripe Bananas, White Rice & Bread

Huevos con Tocino (Bacon) 6.95
Two eggs, any style, served with strips of bacon

Huevos a la Mexicana 6.95
Two scrambled eggs, with chopped onions,
tomatoes, jalapenos

Huevos con Chorizo 7.50
Two scrambled eggs, with mexican sausage, tomatoes, onions

Torta de Huevo w/ Ham (Omelet) 7.50
Spanish omelet, topped with ranchero sauce

Huevos con Jamon (Ham) 7.50
Two eggs, any style with a large slice of ham

Huevos Rancheros 6.95
Two eggs, any style over a corn tortilla covered with ranchero sauce

Huevos con dos Enchiladas 7.95
Two Enchiladas w/ Two eggs on top

Machaca con Huevo 7.50
Two scrambled eggs, mixed with shredded beef, onions, tomatoes
and peppers

Chilaquiles (Rojo o Verde) 6.95
Scrambled eggs, mixed with tortilla strips and your choice of green
or red sauce, topped with sour cream and chopped onions

Bistec con Huevo 9.95
Two eggs, any style, served with a marinated steak

Chuletas con Huevo 8.95
Two eggs, any style, served with a marinated pork chop

Huevos con Carne en Chile Verde 7.95
Two Eggs Cubbed Pork w/ Green Chile Sauce

Huevos con Chile Colorado 7.95
Two Eggs Cubbed Beef w/ Red Chile Sauce

Mamacita’s Breakfast 7.95
Two eggs, any style, Two pancakes, Two pieces of bacon and fried ripe banana

Breakfast Burrito 6.95
Scrambled eggs, with potato and your choice of
ham, chorizo or bacon, all wrapped in a flour tortilla

Menudo con Patas y Granos 7.95
Tripe Beef Soup

Cuban Breakfast / Desayunos

Dos Huevos, Dos Croquetas, Platanos Maduros y Pan 6.95
Two Eggs, Breaded Roll of Meat & Fried Bananas

Dos Huevos, Dos papas Rellenas y Pan 7.50
Two Eggs, Breaded Ground Beef Stuffed
Potatoes & Fried Ripe Bananas

Dos Huevos, Tamal y Platanos 7.50
Two Eggs, Cuban Tamal w/ Ripe Fried Bananas

Dos Huevos Con Arroz Blanco y Frijoles Negros y Pan 6.50
Two Eggs with White Rice & Black Beans