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The food from the north is as distinctive as its culture. Northern dishes are generally milder than those of central and Northeastern Thailand . The influence of neighboring Myanmar (formerly Burma ), Chan, Chieng San, Laos , and South China ( Hunan ),
is evident in some of the most popular dishes.

Khao Soi 8.95
This typical Burmese influence Northern Thai egg noodle is served in curry sauce and coconut cream (your choice of beef or chicken), garnished with sliced red onion, lime and pickled vegetables.

Northern Larb 8.95
Completely different from the Issan larb in taste, this northern style larb (ground pork) is cooked with Northern Thai spices and no lime juice, garnished with fresh herbs and vegetables.

Sai Oua (Northern Style Sausage) 8.95
If you like Louisiana style hot sausage you have got to try this one. Stuffed with ground pork, fresh and dried herb and spice, this mild0medium spicy sausage is indeed very tasty.

Thum-ka-noon (Pounded Young Jack Fruit Shredded) 8.95
This “local” dish from the north is unique to the northern part of Thailand . Made of shredded young jack fruit, ground pork, tomato, Northern Thai spices and seasoned.

Kang-ka-Noon (Spicy Young Jack Fruit Curry) 8.95
For those of you who love the texture of the heart of artichoke and spicy food, have we got a dish for you. This northern style curry is made of young jack fruit chunk with a texture similar to the heart of artichoke cooked in northern style curry base, fresh and dried spices and your choice of pork, chicken or smoked sheet-fish flakes.

Nam-Prik-Hed (Spicy Mushroom Dip) 8.95
This classic Northern Thai dish is very popular among vegetarian around the northern border, served with fresh vegetables.

Hha-Nom-Jean-Ham-Ngyow (Rice Vermicelli Curry) 8.95
Although influenced by Chan and Hunan cooking from the southern part of China , this unique red curry sauce has tomato, ground pork and some spare ribs on top of rice vermicelli, garnished with fried chili, lime and fresh bean sprout, is one of the most popular dishes among locals along the northern border.

Ham-Prik-Noon (Green Chili Dip) 8.95
Roasted green chili, garlic, onion and tomato pounded in mortar. One of the most popular and spicy dips of Northern Thailand , eaten with sticky rice, fried pork skin and fresh vegetables. (Medium Spicy and up)

Nam-Prik-Ong (Red Chili Dip) 8.95
One of the least spicy of all northern chili dips. A combination of ground pork, tomato, dried spices (taste somewhat similar to spaghetti sauce) Also eaten with sticky rice and fresh vegetables.

Kang Care (Northern Red Curry) 8.95
Similar to Kang Renu Nakorn, this home style non-coconut cream red curry from the north is a combination of fresh, aromatic vegetables, spices, herb and your choice of chicken, pork or catfish chunk, but with more vegetables and some different herb and spices.

Kang Hung Lay (Pork Stew Northern Curry) 8.95
Influenced by Burmese this almost sweet pork curry is one of the most popular curries of the north (it is somewhat similar to pork stew) Cooked with pork, pork with fat, dried and fresh spices. It is usually eaten with rolled up sticky rice ball.

Kang Hoh (Dry Pork Curry with Mixed Vegetables) 8.95
Assorted vegetables fresh and dry spices, herb, clear noodle, pork all mixed in to this dish. This is also one of the “ Temple Dish ” or street vendor choice and it’s a well consumed dish among Northern Thais.

Northern Style Tom Kah Kai (Spicy Chicken Soup) 8.95
Different from “ Bangkok ” style Tom Kah Kai, this Northern home style chicken soup has no coconut cream. Cooked with roasted green chili, tomato, onion, fresh herbs and spices.