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Born in Mexico City, Mexico Immigrated in 1964 to Las Vegas, NV by my father, he was the one of the original musicians for the Magic Violins of Arturo Romero that were contracted at the Duns Hotel (now Bellagio) in the Sultan Table beautiful restaurant. A mother of two grown beautiful children  Carlos Alberto Gardea Firefighter for the City of Las Vegas; he is married with two beautiful children and is our Bar Manager.  Angelica Patricia Gardea a Commercial and Residential Escrow Officer, Married to a Fire Fighter for the City of Las Vegas and with a beautiful family of two beautiful children. Angelica is our HR and Accounting Director.

My experience in the Las Vegas community in development within the affordable housing and education industry extends over 25 years, as I progressed from creating smaller-scale organizations to executive director positions for local and national non-profit organizations that represents minorities that are underserved, to the first Community Outreach Diversity Director for a major hotel and Casino The Venetian. Although my achievements span in the mentioned period I have built and illustrated extensive skills and abilities in a combination of team leadership, strategic planning, and business development skills that I have leveraged to meet and exceed expectations and most importantly I have been graced to have created a large base of community partners and friends.

You ask yourself how is it that I am a Chef with no former training, an owner of a new community Mexican restaurant; this is because of the drive and love for the art of food that I have carried within me that has culminated to a strong passion and goal for the past 30 years of my life. I began my years of real training in my mother’s kitchen as a growing young woman, and continued my hands on training once I was with my own family and continued to call my mother to reaffirm and grow my cooking capacity.

Throughout the years in this community working hard to build the voices of the underserved I worked hard to also create opportunities to cater many families, community friends, associations, organizations and private parties to help fulfill my love and passionate dream, hence my self taught experience of providing the real taste of the Mexican cuisine.  

My hearts intention is to bring to my community the real taste and flavors of a passionate country that has shown such pride of a following for its extensive different flavors of all the regional foods, without premade, frozen, or caned foods just the real home cooking mom would cook.

I pray that I will be able to achieve this goal for you and your family to experience!
Buen Provecho! (Spanish for Bon Appetite)