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This is a sampling of a recent Dinner Menu
Jaleo - Updated 3/19/2012
menu and pricing subject to change

Culinary mastermind Jose Andres and his ThinkFoodGroup brings the authentic flavor of a Spanish tapas restaurant to Las Vegas with the award-winning Jaleo restaurant re-imagined to include the excitement and spectacle of Las Vegas. A perennial favorite in Washington DC, Jaleo restaurant was one of the country's first successful tapas restaurants, setting the standard for Spanish cuisine in the U.S. for almost two decades.

‘Hey, you’re here! So start eating...’

Pan con tomate
Toasted slices of rustic bread brushed
with fresh tomato 6
with jamon Serrano 12
with Pasamontes Manchego 12
with Spanish anchovies 10

Esparragos blancos con limon y tomillo
White asparagus with lemon, thyme
and Idiazabal cheese 10

Mejillones en escabeche*
Mussels marinated in Sherry vinegar 10

Aceitunas rellenas y aceitunas
‘Ferran Adria’
Olives stuffed with anchovy and piquillo
and ‘Ferran Adria’ liquid olives 14

Cangrejo real con pipirrana
King crab with diced peppers, tomatoes and
cucumbers with Sherry dressing 16

La Serena con membrillo
La Serena cheese and quince
paste cone 4 per piece

Salmon crudo con huevas de salmon*
Salmon tartare and
salmon roe cone 5 per piece

Seleccion de jamones Fermin por Jose
Jose’s selection of Fermin Spanish ham 38

Jamon Iberico de bellota Fermin
Cured ham from the legendary, acorn-fed,
black-footed Iberico pigs of Spain 24

Jamon Iberico Fermin
Cured ham from the famous, black-footed
Iberico pigs of Spain 18

Jamon Serrano Fermin
18-month salt-cured Serrano ham 10

Seleccion de embutidos
A selection of all Spanish cured meats 36

Lomo Iberico de bellota Fermin
Smoke-cured, acorn-fed pork loin 16

Chorizo Palacios
A slightly spicy cured pork sausage
seasoned with pimenton and garlic 10

Each (1 oz.) 9
Selection of all cheeses 25

Pasamontes Manchego
(D.O. Manchego, La Mancha) A sweet
and tangy sheep’s milk cheese

(D.O. Idiazabal, Basque Country and
Navarre) A smoked, nutty-flavored
sheep’s milk cheese

(Catalunya) Semi-soft goat’s milk cheese,
with delicate flavors of milk and a hint
of nuttiness

La Serena
(D.O. La Serena, Extremadura) Creamy,
slightly bitter, sheep’s milk cheese

La Peral
(Asturias) Intensly flavored, cow’s milk,
semi-soft blue cheese

Flauta bread brushed with fresh tomato,
extra virgin olive oil and...

Jamon Serrano, lomo embuchado,
o queso Manchego
Serrano ham, cured pork loin, or
Manchego cheese 10
Selection of two 13

Jamon Iberico
Iberico ham 15

Jose’s tuna salad
A salad of preserved tuna, mayonnaise,
shallots and hard boiled eggs
on flauta bread 10

Hamburguesa de Iberico*
Grilled Iberico pork ‘long burger’ 14

‘Slurping allowed! Sorry, Mom!’

Gazpacho de remolacha con queso de
cabra y naranjas
Chilled red beet soup with goat cheese
and oranges 9

Sopa de ajo*
Garlic soup with black garlic and egg 63° 10

Ajo blanco con cangrejo
Chilled almond and garlic soup
with crabmeat and green grapes 12

‘The only way!’

Huevo frito con caviar*
A fried organic egg topped with caviar 16

Ostra ‘Gin & Tonic’*
Five oysters with lemon, gin and tonic 15

Ensalada de bogavante con cítricos y
Maine lobster salad with citrus
and frisee 18

Ensaladilla rusa con atún en conserva
The ultimate Spanish tapa, a salad of
potatoes, imported conserved tuna 10
Make it Jose’s way
with Spanish trout roe 17

‘Frying is overrated... Yeah right!’

Croquetas de pollo
Traditional chicken fritters 12

Croquetas de jamon Iberico
Traditional fritters with Iberico ham 14

Datiles con tocino ‘como hace
todo el mundo’
Fried dates wrapped in bacon 10

Berenjenas con miel de cana
al estilo Malagueno
Lightly battered eggplant Malaga style 9

Patatas bravas
A Jaleo favorite with spicy tomato sauce
and alioli 8

Empanadillas de brandada de bacalao
‘Empanada’ of cod brandade
with honey 10

Chistorra envuelta en patata frita
Slightly spicy chorizo wrapped
in crispy potato 12

Gambas con gabardina
Batter-fried shrimp with lemon mayonnaise
and black olive salt 14

Endivias con queso de cabra y naranjas
Endives, goat cheese, oranges
and almonds 12

Espinacas a la catalana
Sauteed spinach, pine nuts, raisins
and apples 12

Setas al ajillo con La Serena
Sauteed wild mushrooms with
La Serena potato puree 10

Trigueros con romesco
Grilled asparagus with romesco sauce 12

Escalivada catalana
Open fire-roasted red peppers, eggplant
and sweet onions with Sherry dressing 8

Ensalada de coles de Bruselas con
albaricoques, manzanas y jamon Serrano
Warm Brussels sprouts salad with apricots,
apple and Serrano ham 10

Manzana con hinojo y queso Manchego
Sliced apple and fennel salad
with Manchego cheese, walnuts
and Sherry dressing 12

Cebolla asada con La Peral y naranjas
Roasted onions, pinenuts, La Peral blue
cheese and clementines 9

Remolacha con cítricos
A salad of red beets, citrus, La Peral cheese
and pistachios with Sherry dressing 9

Papas arrugas
Canary Island-style wrinkled
pee wee potatoes served
with mojo verde and mojo rojo 8

Tortilla de patatas clasica*
Spanish omelet with potatoes
and onions 10

Gambas al ajillo
The very, very famous tapa of shrimp
sauteed with garlic 14

Rape a la Donostiarra
Monkfish with garlic, Sherry
and parsley oil 11

Calamares al estilo Pelayo
Seared fresh squid stew with
caramelized onion and green pepper 10

Salad of cod with black olives
and fresh tomato 10

Mejillones al Vapor
Steamed mussels with bay leaf, lemon
and olive oil 12

Traditional ‘paella’ of fried pasta with
fresh squid and shrimp 15

Pulpo a feira Maestro Alfonso
Boiled octopus with pee wee potatoes,
pimenton and olive oil 12

Vieiras con salsa de romesco
Seared scallops with romesco sauce 15

Piquillo relleno de ‘txangurro’
Seared piquillo peppers stuffed with
Dungeness crab served with piquillo
sauce and parsley oil 14

Salmon crudo con vinagreta
de anchoas*
Raw salmon with anchovy-lemon oil 14

Cigala al natural
Seared Norwegian lobster with jasmine
air and romesco dressing 10 per piece

Butifarra casera esparracada
Homemade pork sausage stew with
mushrooms and pearl onions 12

Carne asada con piquillos Julian
de Lodosa*
Grilled skirt steak with
piquillo pepper confit 16

Fricando de carilleras de ternera y pure
de patatas al aceite de oliva
Veal cheeks and morels
with olive oil potato puree 16

Pollo al ajillo con salsa verde
Boneless chicken wings
with roasted garlic herb puree 14

Codorniz a la Catalana
Grilled whole quail with apple puree
and pinenuts 15

Canelones tradicionales de cerdo y
hígado de pato con salsa bechamel
Pork and foie gras canelones
with bechamel sauce 14

Jose makes large plates, too...

Costillas de cordero con romesco
Grilled lamb ribs with romesco sauce and
green onions 28

Secreto Iberico con pan con
tomate y salsa verde*
It’s a secret! Skirt steak from the famous
black-footed Iberico pigs of Spain served
with toasted tomato bread, mojo verde
and alioli 40

Chuleta asada
22 oz grilled, all natural, grass fed, bone-
in ribeye with piquillo confit
and La Serena mashed potatoes 72

When I was a young boy, I helped my father cook paella, a country meal,using ingredients from surrounding fields and heat from burning vines.At Jaleo, we bring you that tradition of cooking Spain's native dish over a wood fire. Our unique paella kitchen is the first of its kind in America.
Watch my team prepare our amazing paellas in the traditional style of my home country.
This is the best show in town!

Paella is served as a tapa or made to order
One of the four paellas below is available. Please inquire with your server which paella is featured today. Entire pans of paella are prepared to order for six or more guests and presented tableside.

Please allow up to a 45 minute preparation time for all paellas. Pricing is per plate-sized serving.

Paella de verduras de temporada
A traditional paella of seasonal
vegetables 28

Arroz con costillas de cerdo
Iberico de bellota
Made with the ribs of the famous,
black-footed Iberico de bellota pig 36

Arroz a banda con bogavante
Literally meaning, ‘rice apart from lobster,’
made with lobster and
cuttlefish 30 1⁄2 lobster 56 whole lobster

Paella Valenciana ‘Rafael Vidal’
A true classic of chicken, rabbit
and green beans 24

Each 9

Tarta de manzana al azafran
Apple tart with saffron and apple sorbet

Borracho al olorosso con jugo de
frutos rojos
Chilled fruit soup with sherry soaked cake
and yogurt ice cream

Helado de aceite de olive con
citricos texturados
Olive oil ice cream with grapefruit

Pan con chocolate
Chocolate flan with caramelized bread,
olive oil and brioche ice cream

Pastel de chocolate y avellanas
Chocolate hazelnut cake with praline
ice cream and salted caramel sauce

Flan al estilo tradicional de mama Marisa
con espuma de crema Catalana
of Catalan cream and oranges

Special menus are available for guests with certain allergies and
dietary restrictions. Please ask your server.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shell
stock, or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially
in case of certain medical conditions.