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Himalayan Cuisine BEER LIST
Featuring beers from around the world to complement our diverse cuisine

Tikka Gold East Flanders, Belgium
Tikka Gold and curry are a match made in heaven, the perfect
partnership of our style of culinary creativity and Belgian brewing
know-how, blending the right amount of rice with the perfect
balance of malts, hops and spring water. $9 /16.9 oz

Skull Splitter Orkney, Scotland
Named the Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain, Skull
Splitter is a Scottish strong ale with a distinctive flavor and a
powerful kick just as its namesake, Thorfinn Hausakluif
(SkullSplitter), the Seventh Viking Earl of Orkney. $8 /16.9 oz

Troubadour Obscura Ursel, Belgium
produced with 4 different types of malt, hops, yeast and water, this
fantastic mild stout has a malty nose with a hint of roasted wood
and chocolate. A mild bitterness lingers in the finish. An excellent
complement to most of our obscure Himalayan dishes. $7 /12 oz

Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale* Yorkshire, England
Even though the label says this fine Ale is ‘tempered over burning
witches,’ the brewery prides itself on centuries old brewing
traditions, which rarely includes burning witches. $8 /500 ml

Blanche De Chambly Quebec, Canada
The Blanche de Chambly is an unfiltered traditional style white
beer with bittersweet taste, light & delicate. $6 /12 oz

Maudite (The Damned) Quebec, Canada
Toasty caramel flavors infused with sultry undertones of sherry or
port. Rich and incredibly smooth on the nose and finish. $6 /12 oz

Fin du Monde (End of the World) Quebec, Canada
This golden offering boasts a complexity of aromas; flowers,
apricots, and big Belgian yeast. Spicy and warming. $6 /12 oz

Don de Dieu (The Gift of God) Quebec, Canada
Semi cloudy with a bright golden color. A wonderfully complex
nose of malt, citrus and exotic spice with faint tropical notes. $6 /12 oz

Trois Pistoles (Three Pistols) Quebec, Canada
Based on the legend of the black horse summoned by a parish
priest to help build the village church – devilshly delicious! $6 /12 oz

Chimay Cinq Cents White Scourmont, Belgium
The white may refer more to the label than the beer. A big 8%
triple has a dried out, sweet fig essence with strong hop flavors. $7 /12 oz

Chimay Premiere Red Scourmont, Belgium
Beautiful coppery color and a creamy thick head, an aroma
reminiscent of ripe apricots with a silky mouthfeel. $8 /12 oz

Chimay Grande Reserve Blue Scourmont, Belgium
With an intense fusion of bouquet, rich body and complex citrus
notes, this is the REAL champagne of beers. $8 /12 oz

Heylissem Organic Triple Brune Sambre, Belgium
Caramel withchocolate up front. Dates & a little nuttyness
follows this as this warms. Oaky dryness, vanilla, brown sugar
along with some pecan show up in the finish. $14 /720 ml

Silly Scotch Ale Silly, Belgium
A hazy dark amber/brown beer with a big creamy beige head
and a little lace. Starts off with a strong sweet malty character
with caramel and vanilla notes. This beer has a lush mouthfeel
with fig and raisin note swimming about in the sweet liquid. $7 /12 oz

St. Peters Organic Ale Yorkshire, England
This beer is very flavorful, with nice complexity and some subtle
notes with a nice smokey hint. Well-rounded and balanced. $8 /500 ml

Dragonhead Stout Orkney, Scotland
truly a classic black stout, absolutely brimming over with roast
malt flavours, yet balanced with a complex hop blend. $8 /16.9 oz

Original Flag Porter Cambridgshire, England
This wonderful porter is brewed from yeast extracted off a
sunken 1825 English vessel and organic hops and malts. $8 /12 oz

Baltika #6 Porter St. Petersburg, Russia
truly a classic black stout, absolutely brimming over with roast
malt flavours, yet balanced with a complex hop blend. It finishes
with a smooth roasted aftertaste. $8 /16.9 oz

Sara Organic Buckwheat Ale Silenrieux, Belgium
Sara has a dark golden color, is well hopped and spicy at the
same time with a dense head. A hearty refreshing exclusive new
taste, and rare aroma, betrays the buckwheat characteristics. $18 /720 ml

Himalayan Blue Sikkim, India
A protected Himalayan spring is the water source for this brew
which uses German hops for bittering & finishing; lagered 45
days for clarity & smoothness; ideal with all our menu items! $9 /22 oz

Taj Mahal Calcutta, India
Brewed in Calcutta, India Taj Mahal is a deep golden color
with a medium pleasant body. $9 /22 oz

Kingfisher India
Brewed since 1857, using a special Indian yeast, Kingfisher is
full and hoppy with a smooth palate. $5 /12 oz

San Miguel Manila, Philippines
Brewed in the Philippines, San Miguel is a golden colored lager
with a lively hop aroma, excellent balance & finish! $4 /12 oz

Red Stripe Jamaica
The pride of Jamaica! Excellent with our hot and spicy entrée
options! This very drinkable beer is terrific any time of the year. $4 /12 oz

Tsingtao Beijing, China
Brewed for over 90 years in China, Tsintao is a beer that
emphasizes hops and refreshment; the bitterness of hops
complements our Mountain cuisine. $5 /12 oz

Asahi Super Dry Sapporo, Japan
Asahi Super Dry has gained world wide popularity and is now th
world's 3rd best selling brand; pleasantly hoppy with no 'bite', yet
crisp and tasty. Goes well with aromatic and spicy entrées. $7 /22 oz

Full Sail LTD Lager (Batch #1) Hood River, Oregon
LTD means Limited Edition. But around here it means
something even more: Live The Dream. This is a sublime small-
batch beer with Hallertauer, Pale and Z?atec malts and hops
lightly caramelized for an amber finish. $6 /12 oz

Samuel Smith Organic Lager Tadcaster, England
Golden amber with a light honey and caramel malt aroma.
Sweet, nougat malt notes with balancing citrusy hops. $6 /12 oz

Neuschwansteiner Hell Lager Bavaria, Germany
Bavarian Hell styled ale from the Sonthofen brewery in Bavaria.
This light ale is refreshing and perfect for Spring or Summer. $8 /16.9 oz

Petrus Blond Bavikhove, Belgium
Top fermented with pure spring water and carefully selected hops
and malts, this blond bombshell is soft and floral pours a
generous head, perfect to experience on a hot summer day. $8 /12 oz

Nogne Ø Pale Ale Grimstad, Norway
Nogne Ø means “naked island” in the Scandinavian languages,
where they constantly dream of escaping the cold and being
naked in a tropical island. This pale ale is A refreshing light and
hoppy ale. Probably our best allrounder. Perfect with Chef Giri’s
famous lamb sekuwas. $9 /500 ml

Heylissem Organic Triple Blond Sambre, Belgium
Creamy airiness along with sweet pale malts and biscuits with
traces of earthy spice and cloves make for a great Belgian blonde. $14 /720 ml

Zatec Bright Lager Zatec, Czech Republic
For a thousand years, the Zatec region west of Prague (Praha) has
been known for the fine quality of the hops grown there. Medium-
bodied; natural, soft conditioning; hedonistic fresh herbal aroma; a
flavor that is the best of fresh-baked bread, fields of grain, and
spice, with a solid malt middle. Clean, sparkling, and
quintessentially thirst-quenching. $8/16.9 oz

Yeti Sikkim, India
Golden in color this Special Export beer utilizes German Saaz
hops and water from a protected Himalayan spring and is flavored
with a sweet scent of hops. $9 /22 oz

Full Sail IPA Hood River, Oregon
Generously hopped to 60 IBU’s in the classic style, this IPA is a
real thirst quencher. It has a full, malty body and there’s even a
hint of fresh citrus to it. Perfect after your favorite water sport.
Even if it happens to be a grueling “drag the poolside lounge chair
into the Las Vegas sun” event. $6 /12 oz

Lucky Buddha
Each bottle is shaped like a Jade Buddha and contains
transcendence in the form of a light lager with aromas of hops,
nuances of honey & malt, which pre-announces the transcending
flavours across your palate with a silky easy finish. $7 /12 oz

Well’s Banana Bread Ale Bedford, England
This beer’s flavor unfolds with a sensual sparkle and a smart
crispness, which balances its aroma perfectly. Tropically fruity; its
ripe banana flavour, emphasised by a hint of bitterness, comes
from the addition of real fair trade bananas and finishes with an
emphatic, steely dryness. $8 /16.9 oz

Fraoch Scottish Heather Ale Alloa, Scotland
Brewed in Scotland since 2000 B.C. heather ale is probably the
oldest style of ale still produced in the world. From an ancient
Gaelic recipe for "leann fraoich" (heather ale). $7 /12 oz

Eisenbahn Lust Bluemanau, Brazil
Produced under the traditional champagne production method, the
champenoise - afterthe first fermentation the beer is sent to a
winery, where it stays for three months and undergoes a secondary
fermentation in the bottle. After that, the cuvee, remuage and
dégorgement processes take place, ending in a fruity and refreshing
beer, with a fine and persistent perlage. $22 /750 ml

Cherish Raspberry Lambic Ertvelde, Belgium
A surprisingly pleasant discovery of taste and aroma. Not too
sweet and not too sour, with still the underlying taste of an
exceptional good beer and a heavenly raspberry nose. $7 /12 oz

Nogne Ø Imperial Stout Grimstad, Norway
We think the Himalayan Kings would have liked their beers this
way. A dark, rich ale in which a generous sweetness with roasted
malt bitterness. Viking tradition, Himalayan implementation. $14 /720 ml

Beer Geek Breakfast Copenhagen, Denmark
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you’re in
Las Vegas breakfast can be anytime of the day really. I f you are
a beer geek there is no better way to start the day than with a
powerful, complex morning stout. The unique mix of oats and
coffee gives this beer large body and power, while the coffee, at
the same time, creates a nice balance.
Awaiting delivery, currently unavailable

Norwegian Wood Drammen, Norway
A recreation of the most traditional Norwegian beer of all. Once
every farm was required to brew its own ale (and many still do),
all of that ale had a natural smoky taste from kilning the malt
over open fire, and most of it was spiced with juniper twigs and
berries. Made from munchen, smoked malts and chocolate malt.
Awaiting delivery, currently unavailable

Skärgårds Porter Nørrebro, Denmark
The beer is top fermented and honey is added before
fermentation, the result being a smooth and creamy black porter
with gentle chocolate, coffee and nut aromas. The taste is dry,
light and elegant with liquorice and dried fruit being the primary
flavours. Liquorice will linger on the palate.
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Hirschbrau Doppelbock Bavaria, Germany
Red-black colored, little vanishing light brown head. Sweet,
strongly grainy aroma with obvious rye and syrupy-caramel nuts,
very malty aroma indeed. Medium to full bodied. $8 /16.9 oz

Nostradamus Brown Ale Falmignoul, Belgium
is a very complex artisanal Wallonian brown ale, rich, warming,
little piquant in the mouth with liquorice, mocha flavors, pear
and toasted bread background notes, perfect after-dinner drink or
night cap. $8 /12 oz

Fat Tire Belgian-Style Ale Fort Collins, Colorado
The appeal is in its feat of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt
flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.
SALE $3 /12 oz

Blue Moon Toronto, Canada
Imagine a spring day in the Himalayas, suddenly it starts to
lightly snow. Capture that in a bottle and you have Blue Moon. $5 /12 oz

Franziskaner HefeWeissen München, Germany
Big and cloudy, this truly classic German Hefe packs in banana,
cloves, and citrus elegantly and with purpose. SALE $4 /12 oz

Stella Artois Leuven, Belgium
Stella Artois is Belgium's best selling beer; a bottom fermented
blond lager with a full body and clean finish. SALE $3 /12 oz

Guinness Draught Ireland
The classic "Irish" style stout. Creamy and slightly sour, this beer
has a lot of flavor while still being one of the smoothest beers. SALE $2 /12 oz

Heineken / Heineken Light Holland $4 /12 oz
Corona Extra / Corona Light Mexico $4 /12 oz