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Here is a little history of Gaetano and the Palmeri family, so that you may have an understanding on how Gaetano's Ristorante was established.

Gaetano Palmeri was born on the first of August, in the year 1949, in Gela, which is on the southern coast of the island of Sicily, south of Italy. Gaetano is one of eight siblings, which is traditionally a normal sized family for the Italians in the south. Therefore, with a necessity o make ends meet, Gaetano at twelve years of age went to work as a bar boy, and did a little bit of everything. When he finished junior high school, he left home to voyage with a friend, and eventually found work in a restaurant on the Italian Riviera. While he is there, he manages to obtain an embarkation on a merchant ship, which opens up to him an opportunity of traveling the world. Gaetano worked as a waiter, and served the Captain and the officers. At age twenty-one he interrupts his travels to serve his country in the "Associazione Nazionale Bersaglieri', which is the elite rifle regiment of the Italian army. Soon after he is discharged, he returns to Northern Italy where he was employed by Sitmar Cruise Lines. He worked as an assistant barman, and eventually moved his way up to bar manager of the entire cruise ship. Although Gaetano worked seven days a week, he did receive the experience of a lifetime, which in turn is a great help in his future endeavors on land.

While working on the cruise ship he meets Rory , a beautiful young woman and they fall in love. In December 1977 they get married, and then move to California where Rory's parents reside. Some time after they take a honeymoon to his homeland for three months. While in Italy, they are delighted to discover that their firstborn is on the way. Returning to California, Gaetano has al little trouble finding a job until he learns from a friend that a new restaurant is opening in Los Angeles. While waiting for the restaurant to open, Gaetano helped Adriano, the owner, with the preparations for the new establishment. Adriano, seeing Gaetano's skill, hires him as the headwaiter in the mornings, and as Maitre 'd in the evenings. However, in spite of Gaetano's great resolution, in the long run he realizes that he must go into business for himself.

Therefore, in 1981 he opened his own small restaurant in Calabasas on the outskirts of Los Angeles. With his own savings, a bank loan, and a little help from a friend, Gaetano's Ristorante is born. Gaetano's soon became known as the very best Italian restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. Winning several awards and obtaining three to four stars for both exceptional food and outstanding service throughout it's twenty year existence, Gaetano's has always been known s a home to the neighbors, celebrities, friends, and family of Los Angles. After enjoying tremendous success with his career as a restaurant owner, Gaetano decides it is time to write the next chapter in the book of great accomplishments in Las Vegas, and move his family, Rory, Michael, Danny, Nicholas and friends to our new Gaetano's Ristorante here in Las Vegas.

"Il benvenuto a tutto e gode." Welcome to everyone and enjoy.