Chianti 8530 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, New York 718-921-6300


Brooklyn - Bay Ridge


Monday-Friday 11am-9:30pm


Chianti Menu

Hot Antipasto

Baked Clams $10.95 / $20.95

Crab Cakes $11.95 / $22.95
Home made served with field greens and horse radish sauce

Bocconcino Al Forno $9.95 / $18.95
baked mozzarella pieces wrapped in prosciutto with fresh tomato and bread crumbs

Cozze Toscana $8.95 / $16.95
Sauteed mussels with pancetta, cherry tomato and white beans in a spicy broth

Polpo Mediterraneo $11.95
Grilled baby octopus over mesclin salad

Fried Calamari $10.95 / $20.95

Spiedino Romano 9.95 / 18.95
Layers of bread and fresh mozzarella fried and served with a lemon. caper and anchovy and fresh tomato sauce

Grilled Calamari $11.95
Marinated in garlic and herbs over arugula salad with a olive vinaigrette

Hot Antipasto $12.95 / $24.95
Baked clams, shrimp, breaded portobello, eggplant rollatini and mozzarella wrapped in proscuitto

Portobello Croccante $10.95 / $20.95
Breaded and pan fried over arugula, chopped tomato and parmigiano reggiano with lemon vinaigrette

Cold Antipasto

Seafood cocktail $18.95
combination of chilled shrimp, clams cocktal and oysters

Carpaccio Di Manzo $13.95
Thin slices of filet mignon with capers, olive oil and shaved parmigiano over arugula

Antipasto Rustico $10.95 / $20.95
Assorted dry meats, parmigiano cheese, olives, prosciutto, mozzarella and eggplant caponatina

Mozzarella Della casa $9.95 / $18.95
Sliced fresh mozzarella, fire roasted peppers and grilled marinated vegetables


Insalata Tri Colore $7.95 / $14.95
Arugula, radicchio, endive and tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Insalata Capriciosa $8.95 / $16.95
Chopped mixed salad with fresh mozzarellam, sun dried tomato and mushrooms

Insalata Di Cesare $7.95 / $14.95
Classic Caesar salad

Insalata Di Arugula $8.95 / $16.95
Arugula salad with fennel, tomato and goat cheese crostini in a garlic lemon dressing

Insalata Del Cavaliere $11.95 / $22.95
Shrimps and argula salad with parmigiano reggiano in a lemon caper dressing

Chef Salad $8.95 / $16.95
Mixed field greens with apples, toasted pignoli nuts and gorgonzola cheese in a rasberry vinaigrette


penne vodka $13.95 / $28.95
penne in a light pink sauce

Rigatoni Filetto Di pomodoro
Rigatoni with onions, prosciutto wine and fresh tomato

Tortellini Mimosa $14.95 / $30.95
Cheese tortellini with prosciutto, mushroom, peas in a cream sauce

Orrecchiette broccoli rabe $14.95 / $30.95
with broccoli rabe, sausage in a oil and garlic sauce

Gnocchi sorrentina $13.95 / $28.95
home made gnocchi with mozzarella and tomato sauce

Linguini san giuseppe $14.95 / $30.95
Linguini sauteed with olives, artichoke, garlic, olive oil and bread crumbs

ravioli della casa $13.95 / $28.95
home mad spinach and riccota ravioli in a tomato ragu sauce

Linguini vongole $14.95 / $30.95
white or red clam sauce

Spaghetti Misto Mare $16.95 / $34.95
clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari in a light tomato sauce

Penne casarecci $13.95 / $28.95
penne with three cheese sauce, sauteed chopped meat, sweet peas and chopped tomato

Penne casarecci $13.95 / $28.95
penne with three cheese sauce, sauteed chopped meat, sweet peas and chopped tomato

capellini caprese $13.95 / $28.95
with fresh tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella on top

fettuccini dello chef $13.95 / $28.95
home made fettuccini with shrimp. spinach and sun dried tomato in a spicy garlic and oil sauce with sardo cheese on top

risotto frutti di mare $17.95 / $34.95
mixed seafood over arborio rice

rigatoni caponata $13.95 / $28.95
rigatoni with diced eggplant. zucchini olives, fresh tomato and bread crumbs on top

Chicken and Veal

chicken tecia $16.95 / $32.95
chicken peices sauteed with artichokes, mushrooms, white wine, lemon and seasoned bread crumbs

chicken chianti $16.95 / $32.95
breaded chicken cutlet with parmesan chese, white wine lemon and artichoke

chicken caprese $16.95 / $32.95
breaded chicken breast with fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, garlic and spices

chicken scarpariello $16.95 / $32.95
chicken pieces with sausage, onions peppers, mushroom and cherry peppers sauteed in a light balsamic sauce

veal rollatini $17.95 / $34.95
stuffed with broccoli rabe, ricotta and carmelized onion in a chianti sauce

veal granchio $17.95 / $34.95
veal medalions with spinach, crab meat and melted fontina cheese in a port wine glaze

chicken portobello $16.95 / $32.95
sauteed chicken breast with roasted garlic, prosciutto, portobello mushroom with a touch of cream

chicken arrollato $16.95 / $32.95
stuffed with roasted pepper, mozzarella and arugula in a white wine sauce with prosciutto and mushrooms

chicken nostrano $16.95 / $32.95
grilled chicken breast with grilled tomato, onion, asparagus and portobello mushroom in a garlic parsley sauce

chicken campagnola $16.95 / $32.95
pieces of chicken sauteed with sundried tomato, mushrooms, eggplant, and mozzarella on top

Veal Contadina $17.95 / $34.95
Veal with sun dried tomato, artichoke, and mushroom in a lemon and white wine sauce

Veal Abruzzi $17.95 / $34.95
Veal Scaloppine sauteed with prosciutto, peas, and mushrooms in a Marsala sauce