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Chadaka Thai Dinner Menu - Updated 6/15/2012
Menu and pricing subject to change

All the dishes are made using the freshest ingredients: this philosophy has been in place as long as Chadaka Thai has been in operation. All your Thai favorites, like pad see ew and mussaman, taste like they've been taken up a notch, while the modern décor provides a more sophisticated environment than one's everyday local Thai restaurant.

Chadaka Thai Dinner Menu

Entrees 10-19


Issan Sausage Northeastern style pork sausage served with cabbage, shallots, lime, chili, ginger and peanuts.

Grilled Calamari Grilled calamari over charcoal served with spicy lime garlic chili dipping sauce.

Hot Wings Fried chicken wings tossed with sriracha sauce.

Green Beans Sautéed at very high heat with Szechuan shredded preserved vegetables and crushed dried prawns.

Pot Stickers With mixed vegetables served with house soy dipping sauce.

Shrimp Cakes Served crispy with sweet chili sauce.

Steamed Wonton Bundles Shrimp and chicken Thai dumpling with roasted garlic, served with spicy soy dipping sauce.

Thai Egg Rolls Stuffed with cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and vermicelli, flash fried served with sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Spring Rolls Yakisoba noodles, carrots, baked tofu, cucumbers, red leaf and basil with rice paper. Served with hoisin peanut dipping sauce.

Sate Chicken or beef skewered, marinated in coconut milk and spices, served with peanut dipping sauce and cucumber relish.

Larb Minced chicken or beef seasoned with herbs, mint leaves, scallions, red shallots, ground roasted chili and crushed roasted jasmine.

Curry Dumplings With shrimp, scallops and spicy green curry sauce.

Thai Beef Jerky Marinated tender beef lightly fried served with sriracha chili sauce.

Fried Calamari With garlic-cilantro white wine sauce.


House Salad Mixed greens, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots and crispy noodle croutons, tossed with ginger soy vinaigrette or peanut dressing.

Spicy Thai Salad Slices of herb marinated BBQ sirloin or chicken breast tossed in lime juice, tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, shallots, scallions and bird’s eye chili.

Green Papaya Salad Cherry tomatoes, bird’s eye chili, green beans, roasted peanuts, grilled shrimp mixed in a mortar and pestle with spicy lime juice and fish sauce.

Glass Noodle Salad Ground chicken, shrimp, calamari, mung bean noodles, onions and cilantro tossed in spicy lime dressing

Grilled Shrimp Salad Napa cabbage, red shallots, lemongrass and Thai basil tossed in spicy chili paste dressing.

Green Pear Salad Tart slices of green pears, crunchy roasted cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes and chilled whole shrimp tossed with a spicy chili lime juice.


Tom Kha Soup Aromatic coconut soup with cilantro, galanga, lemongrass and mushrooms. Choice of tofu, chicken or shrimp.

Tom Yum Soup Thailand’s most famous hot and sour soup with mushrooms. Choice of tofu, chicken or shrimp

Spinach Wonton Soup Chicken and shrimp dumplings with shitake mushrooms.

Vegetable Tofu Soup With spinach, cabbage, and shitake mushrooms.

Your choice of: tofu, chicken, pork or beef, scallops or shrimp (add $3.00).

Jungle Curry Traditional country style spicy curry without coconut milk with green beans, pumpkin, baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and holly basil.

Kiew Wan Curry Thai herbs and spices blended in green chili paste with eggplant, bamboo shoots, Thai basil and red jalapeno, simmered in coconut milk.

Panang Curry Thai herbs and spices blended in mild chili paste with kaffir lime leaves simmered in coconut milk.

Pumpkin Curry Red curry with pumpkin, coconut milk, red bell pepper and Thai basil.

Stew Curries

Kangari Chicken yellow curry with potatoes and carrots in coconut milk

Mussaman Southern style beef stew curry with potatoes, carrots, onions and peanuts simmered in coconut milk.


Spicy Catfish Fillet Flash fried topped with red chili paste and Thai herbs served with coconut rice.

Halibut Grilled Alaskan halibut topped with tangy tamarind sauce, caramelized garlic and crispy shallots. Served on bed of spinach and garlic rice.

Salmon Grilled salmon fillet with house made red chili paste, a touch of coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil. Served with coconut rice.

Garlic Prawns Grilled Thai water prawns with fresh roasted garlic, egg noodles, black pepper and cilantro on bed of baby bok-choy.

Crispy Whole Tilapia Lightly deep-fried served with spicy green apple salsa mixed with shallots and cashew nuts.

Scallops Peppercorn

Meat Entree
Served with choice of jasmine, brown or garlic rice.

Crying Tiger Grilled rib-eye steak marinated with Thai spices, thinly sliced, served with grilled vegetables and hot pepper sauce.

Siam Pork Chop Slow cooked French-cut pork chop, marinated in soya bean sauce and black peppercorn. Served with grilled vegetables and chili lime sauce.

BBQ Chicken Half chicken marinated in yellow bean soy sauce, garlic cloves, coriander and Thai pepper powder. Served with grilled vegetables and sweet chili dipping sauce.

Lemongrass Chicken Grilled chicken breast marinated with crushed lemongrass, soya bean sauce and black peppercorn. Served with steamed vegetables.

Lamb ChopsNew Zealand lamb chop marinated with crushed lemongrass, crushed peanuts and soya bean sauce. Served with grilled vegetable and chili lime sauce.

Your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu, calamari or scallop or shrimp

Basil Eggplant Sauteed with onions in chili black bean.

Assorted Vegetables Asparagus, broccoli, shitake mushrooms and snow peas.

Spinach Tofu in Peanut Sauce Sautéed in red peanut sauce.

Crispy Pork Belly with Chinese Broccoli Twice cooked pork belly stir-fried with fresh garlic, roasted chili and Asian Broccoli.

Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice A substantial and tasty dish, wok sauteed with onions, tomatoes and egg.

Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice Cashew nuts, a touch of yellow curry powder, tomatoes, onions and egg.

Spicy Fried Rice

Snow Crab Fried Rice Sauteed with garlic, onions, green onions and egg.

Garlic Fried Rice Ground chicken stir-fried with jasmine rice, garlic, egg and spinach.


Curry Noodles Egg noodle with red shallots, pickled mustard cabbage and chicken in light curry broth topped with crispy noodle and scallions served with lime wedges and bean sprouts.

Pad Thai Noodles Thin rice noodles sauteed with shrimp, chicken, sliced baked tofu, green onions, bean sprouts, egg and peanuts. Choice of tofu, beef, pork, or shrimp.

Crab Noodles Thin rice noodles wok sauteed with garlic, green onions, bean sprouts, fresh chili, crab meat and egg.

Drunken Noodles Flat rice noodles wok sauteed with tomatoes, garlic, onions, bell peppers, fresh chili and basil. Choice of tofu, pork, beef and shrimp.

Pad See Ew Noodles Flat rice noodles, wok sauteed with broccoli and Asian broccoli in a black bean soy sauce.

Lad Na Noodles Flat rice noodles and broccoli topped with garlic-soy gravy.

Pad Woon Sen Noodle Clear thin mung bean noodles wok sauteed with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts and egg.

Your choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu, calamari or scallops or shrimp add $3.00.

Gra Pow Wok Fresh garlic, chili and holy basil.

Gra Tee-Am WokBlack pepper and fresh garlic on a bed of cabbage.

King Sod Wok Fresh ginger, onions and shitake mushrooms.

Prig King Wok Green beans and roasted chili paste makes this a Thai classic.

Cashew Nut Wok Onions, green onions, carrots and roasted chili in bean paste.

Side Orders

Jasmine Rice

Brown Rice

Garlic Rice

Sticky Rice

Peanut Sauce

Coconut Rice