Capo 1810 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401 • 310-394-5550


Santa Monica

Cross Street

Fine Dining

Dress Code
Business Casual

Full Bar


Valet (charge)

Payment Methods

Private Rooms

Tuesday - Friday
6:00pm - 10:00pm

6:00pm - 11:00pm

Sunday – Monday

Capo faire, a modern Italian style cuisine, offers a rustic yet elegant dining room with high-beamed ceilings, flickering candles and a brightly burning corner fireplace. Capo has an extensive wine list of over 130 bottles as well as a full bar.

Capo Dinner Menu - Updated 9/5/2011
Menu and pricing subject to change

Soup... Ivory, beluga lentil, foie gras, cumin 24.00

Organic spinach 22.00
Pasta d’ Capo...

Linguini ‘Cozze’ 24.00

Fusilloni porcini, cardoons 26.00

Trenette Blue prawns 26.00
Pasta fresca...

Lasagna ‘Bolognese’ 24.00

Tahitian pumpkin, Chanterelles 24.00

Capo homemade ricotta 22.00

Gnocchi...Pesto 22.00

Australian lobster, truffle 35.00

Polenta...Sausage 22.00

Polenta Lardo ‘Boccalone’ 16.00

Fish of the day

New Zealand King salmon 60.00

Chilean sea bass 55.00

Dover sole 60.00


Porcini, Sicilian oregano 30.00

Shad roe, guanciale, paprika 24.00

Vitelli cervelli taco, zucchini frito 25.00

Kumamoto oysters: half shell or stew 25.00

Holland white asparagus 32.00

Burrata black truffle bruschetta 30.00

Finally: ‘The Capo Hamburger’,
prime black angus 32.00

Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea [1 oz] 240.00

Linguini Beluga 100.00

Fragolini Napoleon 22.00

Tasting Menu $108.00
Vegetable Tasting Menu $88.00


Porcini mushroom soup 16.00
Treviso salad, anchovy garlic 17.00
Salad ‘Mista’ 15.00
Frisee lardone 18.00
Watercress, Belgium endive, walnuts 18.00
b.b.q. Octopus salad 22.00 ~ as available
b.b.q. Romaine ‘Caesar style’ 18.00
Heirloom tomato vegetable 23.00
Bluefin tuna tartare, leek terrine 24.00
Duck slider foie gras 28.00
Eggplant, ‘Rocca Reggiano’ 16.00
Capo’s mini meatballs 22.00
Jumbo Organic Lyon Artichoke 24.00
Scallops ~ Market Price
Maryland crab torta 28.00
Capo foie gras 28.00
Steak Tartare 28.00
b.b.q. Calamari 24.00
Burrata, extra virgin olive oil 16.00
Burrata caprese 22.00
Bufala mozzarella 22.00 ~as available

Cured Meats / Fish

Prosciutto di Parma 24.00
Prosciutto San Danielle 22.00
Italian Culatello 26.00
Mangalica ham, celery root curry 28.00
Jamon Iberico ‘de Bellota’ 60.00
Duck Prosciutto, lentils Muschio 26.00
Michel Blanchet smoked salmon 22.00

Pasta, Rice, Polenta

Spaghetti ‘Jean Paul Belmondo’ 24.00
Bucatini Lamb ragu 24.00
Quattro Formaggi 24.00
Rigatoni, truffle meat sauce 26.00
White corn Ravioli, Black truffles 32.00
Spaghettini Carbonara ‘Pata Negra’ 30.00
Risotto, Porcini 26.00
Persian saffron risotto 28.00
Dungeness crab risotto 32.00
Risotto, Lobster 32.00

Allow 35 minutes for risotto
Additional food for split plates 8.00
Sides of most vegetables 12.00


Breast of chicken 39.00
Duck 44.00
Lily’s Chicken 50.00


Beef ribs, red wine 42.00
Rack of lamb 52.00
Veal chop 55.00
Veal ‘Kansas City’ 55.00
Veal scaloppini ‘traditionale’ 55.00
Prime Filet Mignon Chop 54.00 (16 oz.)
Prime N.Y. steak 53.00 (16 oz.)
Prime Dry age ‘Kansas City’ 58.00 (22 oz.)
Côte De Boeuf 68.00 (28 oz.)
Steak ‘Fiorentina,’ prime porterhouse 100.00 (32 oz., for2)
Strube Ranch American ‘Mishima’ Wagyu N.Y. [8oz.] 78.00

20.00 per 2 oz. addition [all natural]

Potato Galette 20.00 (25 minutes)

Dessert & Cheese

Fruit crostata, zabaglione sauce 16.00
Farmer’s market ice creams 16.00
Farmer’s market fruit sorbets 16.00
Flourless chocolate soufflé 16.00
Candied bread pudding 14.00
Farmer’s Market fruit crème bruleé 16.00
Meyer lemon semifreddo 16.00
Tiramisu 15.00
Hot apple tart, caramel ice cream 16.00
Volcano Chocolate Cake 16.00
Artisan cheese selection 24.00
Burrata, extra virgin olive oil 16.00

Interior Design: Bruce Marder/Dean Singer
Mural & Graphic Design: Catherine Kanner

We wish to provide our guests
with the finest food ingredients that are possible,
letting these products dictate our creativity,
finding the best wines available from any country,
in a warm environment of true hospitality.
Welcome to our home, Capo