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Burger Bar Menu - Updated 5/15/2012
Menu and pricing subject to change

The Original Ultimate Burger Experience
with Fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and dill pickle

Black Angus Beef 9.50
The very best grain fed beef, the pride of America's heartland. This all natural beef is relished for its tenderness and flavor

Country Natural 10.25
Sustainable ranching is the pride of this family owned ranch
Burger Bar's favorite choice

American Kobe Beef 16.50
This American Kobe Beef from Snake River melts in your mouth, tender with an unmatched flavor, the most expensive beef in the world for the most discriminating palate

Buffalo 16.50
Raised in the mountain of Colorado, this succulent and tender lamb is a sweet change of pace from the ordinary burger

If Beef Isn't Your Thing

Turkey 8.50
From a family owned farm in South California, this freshly ground free range Shelton turkey is a naturally delicious and tasty choice

Chef's Veggie Burger 8.50
This "Burger Bar" Veggie Burger is made of caramelized onions, button mushrooms. kentils, green peas, brown & white rice, pumpkin puree, potato, bread crumbs and Mozzarella cheese.

Marinated Chicken Breast 9.25
Tender antibiotic and hormone free chicken breast broiled to a golden brown color and naturally juicy

Atlantic King Salmon Steak 8.50
This delicious Omega 3 rich salmon comes from the icy waters from North Atlantic. You will love its luxurious and velvety texture. Hand selected and filleted at Burger Bar

Chef's Burgers Served With Skinny Fries

American Classic $14.00
Ridgefield farm beef, American cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, onion, on sesame bun

Rossini $60.00
Kobe beef, sautéed foie gras, shaved truffles, Madeira sauce, on onion bun
Named after a XIX th century Italian composer whose love for fine food was legendary. The preparation always includes foie gras, truffles and a rich brown sauce, in this case, Madeira.

Hubert Keller Burger 19.25
Buffalo, caramelized onions, baby spinach, blue cheese
on a ciabatta bun (Hubert favorite choice)

Black Jack Burger 13.55
Black angus beef, monterey jack, tapenade, tomato, lettuce on a ciabatta bun.

Surf & Turf Burger $24.50
Black Angus, grilled half lobster, grilled green asparagus on plain bun

Vegas Vegan 12.00
Slow roasted eggplant, marinated and grilled roma tomato, grilled zucchinis, sauteed peppers. All sandwiched between two portobello mushroom caps.

Peppercorn Burger 15.80
Country Natural beef, fresh and dried peppercorn, Dijon mustard served on a plain bun with peppercorn cream sauce on the side.

Burger Bar Sliders 12,75

Low Carb Burger 15.95
Ridgefield Farm Beef, portobello, peppers, coleslaw, pesto sauce and mixed organic baby greens (and of course no fries!)

Hawaiian 14.75
Marinated chicken breast, bacon, roasted pineapple, caramelized onions on a sesame bun.

Choose Your Bun
Sesame / Onion / Whole Wheat / Plain / Ciabatta

Choose Your Toppings

The Garden

Baby spinach .80
Sprouts .55
Coleslaw 3.00
Avocado 1.55
Chopped jalapeno .65
Sliced cucumber .75
Side Salad 2.50

The Dairy

Cheddar .70
American .70
Swiss .70
Provolone .70
Monterey Jack .70
Mozzarella .70
Blue cheese .95
Peppered Jack .95

The Grill

Peppers .95
Sliced zucchini .95
Green asparagus 1.50
Grilled onion .95
Caramelized onion .95
Pineapple .95

The Farm

Bacon 1.15
Peppered bacon 1.15
Jalapeno bacon 1.35
Prosciutto 1.25
Fried egg 1.95
Pan-seared foie gras 12.00
Homemade chili 3.00  

The Ocean

Grilled half lobster 12.00
Grilled shrimp 6.00

The Pantry

Pesto sauce .95
Salsa 1.25
Guacamole 2.00
Homemade Beetroot pickle .50
Cranberry sauce .95
Homemade Dijon .45
Aioli .45
Chipotle Aioli .45

The Earth

Black truffles 1/3 oz 30.00
Portobello mushrooms 1.15
Oyster mushrooms 1.25
Button mushrooms 1.00

Fleur de Lys Sauces

Peppercorn Cream Sauce 2.95
Rich Red Wine & Shallots Reduction 2.50
Black Perigard Truffle Sauce 5.50


Skinny fries 2.85
Fat fries 2.85
Sweet potato fries 2.85
Buttermilk zucchini fries 3.45
Buttermilk onion rings 3.45
Beer Battered Jalapeno Pickles 5.00


Caesar $8.50
Crisp romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, crunchy croutons, Caesar dressing
With grilled chicken breast add $3.50

Greek Salad $11.00
Mixed organic baby greens, feta cheese, tomato, basil, kalamata olives, eggplant confit and honey balsamic dressing

Burger Bar Cobb Salad $11.50
Romaine lettuce, chopped chicken breast, bacon, tomato, avocado, cheddar, hard-boiled egg, blue cheese and house dressing

Grilled Shrimp & Smoked Salmon Salad $12.00
Grilled shrimp, smoked salmon on a bed of mixed organic baby greens diced cantaloupe. Fresh basil and Italian dressing.

Shakes and Floats 7.00