Boubouffe Mediterranean Grille
5313 E 2nd Street Long Beach, CA 90803 • 562-433-7000

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Boubouffe Mediterranean Grille Breakfast Menu
Menu and pricing subject to change
served 7am to 11:30am daily

Tea or Coffee service with fresh baked sweet and savory pastries 6.95
all egg dishes served with hash browns

Grilled Moroccan Chorizo 7.50
all egg dishes served with hash browns

Smoked Salmon 10.95
served with poached eggs on grilled bread with asparagus and bearnaise sauce

Eggs Benedict 7.95
served with poached eggs with Basturma on grilled bread with hollandaise sauce

Eggs as you Like Them 8.50
served with grilled apple smoked bacon, portabella mushroom and roasted tomato

Boubouffe’s Omelet with mushroom, onion and tomato, served with hash browns 8.95

The Morning dip 6.95
Hummus, chili hummus, Babaganoush and rosemary hummus with grilled zattar pita bread

Poached Atlantic Salmon Harrisa aioli and grilled vegetables 10.95

Basturma Carpaccio 8.50
served with scrambled eggs, spinach, mushroom, dill and arugula topped with roasted grapes

Mediterranean Open Omelet 9.50
served with olive scones, tomatoes, zucchini, chickpeas, green peas, feta and mint

Boubouffe Lamb Burger 10.95
With grilled Focaccia topped with a fried egg and served with Mediterranean fries

Boubouffe Breakfast Platter 8.50
Fried eggs, Cracked olives, fruit, Grilled zattar spiced pita, feta cheese, med salsa

Steel cut oatmeal with apricot, cranberry and lemon, served with honey 3.75

Plain steel cut oat meal, served with banana, raisins and brown sugar on the side 3.50

Lemon crepes with lemon blueberry sauce honey and whipped cream 6.95

Sweet stuffed crepes with nutella & fresh raspberries 6.95

Chicken Crepes 8.95
With Moroccan chorizo, artichoke, spinach, mushrooms and swiss cheese

Parfait of Fresh fruit in season with yogurt and honey 5.95

Cottage cheese with honey 3.50


Feta cheese 2.00
Avocado 2.00
Turkey bacon 1.50
2 Eggs 1.50
Poached eggs 2.00
Grilled Veggies 3.00
Grilled Portabella Mushroom 4.00
Mediterranean fries 4.50
Fresh baked pastries 2.50
Apple smoked bacon 1.50
Smoked salmon sliced 7.00
Moroccan sausage patty 3.00
Mediterranean salsa with pita chips 3.50
Chopped fruit 3.00
Fresh Berries 4.00
Hash Browns 2.00
Basturma sliced 5.00
Scrambled eggs 2.00
Sliced tomatoes 1.50