Bistro Clovis 1596 Market Street, San Francisco CA. 94102 • 415-864-0231

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Warm Apple Crostata with Vanilla Bean Gelato and Caramel Sauce $6.50

Warm Chocolate Souffle Cake with Italian Wet Nuts $6.50

Gelato Sundae - Vanilla Bean Gelato, Chocolate and Caramel Sauses
with Wet Italian Nuts $6.25

Creme Brulee del Giorno $6.00

Cafe Dolce - Espresso over Vanilla Bean Gelato with Wipped Cream
and Cantucci $5.50

Vanilla Bean Gelato $5.25

House Made Tart Cherry and Hazelnut Cantucci $2.00

Mighty Leaf Teas
Breakfast, Americana, Earl Gold, Green Tea Tropical,
Chamomile Citrus and African Nectar $2.50

Port & Dessert Wine

Vin Santo
Felsina Berardenga 1998
Smooth, rich, toasty hazelnuts and dried fruit $10
served with Tuscan hazelnut and cherry cantucci $11

Moscato Piemonte
Piero Gatti 2005
Lightly sweet sparkler with ripe peach pear, and folral notes $15 (375ml bottle)

Quady Essensia
Orange Muscat 2004
Spicy orange zest $7.25

Blandys "Alvada" 5 year old Rich caramel, nutty, dried fruit $6.75

Ramos Pinto Port
Late Botteled Vintage 1998
Full bodied and smooth, rich dark cherry $8.50

Warre's Port
20 Year Aged Tawny
Honey rich with a hint of toasted nuts $9.50